Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
1A5Steve Petch/ John Richardson4:437:4012:2311
2A5Brian Bell/ Paul Morris4:467:4812:3455
3A5Raymond Munro/ Neil Ewing4:458:0012:4566
4A5Charlie Payne/ Craig Thorley4:497:4012:2933
5A5Dave Weston/ Dave Robson12:00 O.T.L. @ SF 1
6A5Jim Carty/ John Bennie5:01 Retired
7A5Barry Johnson/ Peter Croft4:457:4012:2522
8A5Andy Elliott/ Graham Wilcock4:568:0713:0389
9A5David Brown/ Paul Hudson4:588:1113:09910
10A5Ryan Champion/ Cliff Simmons4:427:4812:3044
11A5Donovan Jenkin/ Ian Bass5:108:5114:012228
12A5Paul Benn/ Richard Cooke5:038:1713:201011
14A5Jeremy Nolan/ Paul Nolan5:028:2313:251314
15A5Paul Bird/ Ian Windress  Retired
16A5Shaun Woffinden/ Martin Carter5:048:1713:211112
17A5Mike Stephenson/ Roy Jarvis  Retired
18A3Steve Bannister/ Julie Stephenson4:597:4712:4617
19A4Steve Magson/ Geoff Atkinson5:188:3513:53223
20A5Darell Staniforth/ Mick Johnson5:058:2413:291516
21A5Gary Cooper/ Jon Riley5:159:4915:042544
22A5Pat Johnson/ Graham Harper5:108:4413:542124
23A5Ian Rudd/ Steven Bielby5:118:4213:532022
24A5Jon Ausobsky/ Anne Watson5:148:3313:471819
25A3Chris Leeming/ Raymond Guy5:148:4413:58326
26A4Steve Perez/ Jonty Bolsover5:349:1414:48542
27A5Tim Mason/ Captain Thompson5:108:3913:491920
28A5Callum Guy/ Fred Bell5:098:3513:441718
29A2Jack Cooke/ Mike Cooke5:278:5814:25870
30A3Marcus Noble/ Brian Hodgson5:239:0514:28531
31A5Michael Moore/ Arthur Heaton5:178:4914:062330
32A5Richard Watts/ Christine Parling4:558:0813:0378
33A2Jonathan Kitchen/ Nigel Bennett5:329:0914:41140
34A5John Bannister/ Plug Pulleyn5:138:2213:351617
35A4Nick Cook/ Stephen Robson5:208:4314:03329
36A3Robert Carr/ Gavin Fielding5:329:0514:371038
37A3Paul Daniel/ Alec Warters5:108:4413:54225
38A5Richard Hill/ Daniel Stone5:058:1913:241213
39A5Steve Rogers/ Phil Acomb6:089:2815:362854
40A5John Godbehere/ Geoff Moss5:339:4215:152747
41A3Nick Dobson/ David Dobson5:188:4214:00427
42A3Dave Hemingway/ Jim Plevey5:279:0914:36834
43A4Stuart Adamson/ John Adamson5:098:4213:51121
44A5Craig McIntosh/ Dave Hammond5:10 Engine Fire
45A2Rob Pilcher/ Roger Burkill5:579:4515:42456
46A3Keith Smart/ Andrew West5:519:2415:151349
47A4Steve Wilson/ Andy Catchpool5:229:1514:37436
48A3Carl Tuer/ Rob Tuer5:339:3815:111246
49A3Mel Hudson/ Roy Bell5:21 Lack of Go after Crash
50A5Alan Millard/ Chris Dewsnap5:018:2713:281415
51A5Jon Fox/ Jane Fox5:319:0614:372437
52A3Mark Jackson/ Neil Coles5:319:0114:32733
53A2Paul McMullan/ Jane Cowling5:269:1914:45241
54A2Christopher Firth/ David Brian Everard5:388:5214:30971
55A1Andy Hawkins/ Adrian Parrett6:4711:0517:521169
56A1Mark Simpson/ Kevin Bardon5:519:2915:20351
57A3Derek Marshall/ Steven Atkins6:0510:0816:131662
58A3Olly Marshall/ Mike Reed5:319:1014:411139
59A5Keith Turner/ Steven Ward5:329:3315:052645
60A2Andrew Grimstone/ Ian Jackson6:1910:27Gearbox Failure
61A3Martyn Hawkswell/ Nick Welch5:299:0014:29632
62A4Nigel Cay/ EJ Cay5:499:3115:20650
63A3Kate Heath/ Paul Heath6:1711:1017:271767
64A1James Middlebrook/ Raymond Cleghorn6:1110:2316:34865
65A1Jonathan Atack/ David Atack5:569:4115:37455
66A3Tom Hewick/ Stewart Lund5:289:0814:36935
67A2Colin Blunt/ Mark Blunt6:0710:1516:22763
68A1Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson6:0710:0516:12661
69A2John Cunningham/ Rodger Cunningham6:0110:0516:06559
70A1Christopher Huddlestone/ Simon Goodwin6:1410:1216:26764
71A1Trevor Gamble/ Ken Bills5:599:5315:52557
72A1Alan Richardson/ Christopher Roe5:439:0514:48143
73A2Luke Pinder/ Andy Shaw5:489:3615:24352
74A1Jim Snee/ John Pickavance5:449:3115:15248
75A3Haydn Williams/ Alan Brown5:349:5615:301453
76A1Kevin Brown/ Lorraine Martina12:0010:012:00Excluded: Failed to Stop at PC 1
Car 76 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at TC 2
77A1Christopher Draycott/ Stephen Peake7:1710:2817:451068
78A2Andrew Davies/ Andy Smith6:0810:0116:09660
79A1Gavin Spencer/ Jeremy Taylor6:1810:1916:37966
80A3Michael Curtis/ David Curtis6:059:5215:571558

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Stage 2

These results were last updated on Sunday 4th April 2021 at 22:16 BST

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2 = 2 Wheel Drive. F = First Stage Rally. M = Mixed Crew.
D = De Lacy Members.