Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
46A3Keith Smart/ Andrew West5:519:247:448:315:586:379:5153:561246
33A2Jonathan Kitchen/ Nigel Bennett5:329:097:339:275:58  Engine Failure
24A5Jon Ausobsky/ Anne Watson5:148:337:107:335:02  Retired
76A1Kevin Brown/ Lorraine Martina12:0010:018:139:04   2:00Excluded: Failed to Stop at PC 1
Car 76 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at TC 2
59A5Keith Turner/ Steven Ward5:329:337:558:38   Retired
5A5Dave Weston/ Dave Robson12:006:287:04   6:00O.T.L. @ SF 1
Car 5 Penalty details:- 6:00 for 6:00 early at TC 3
51A5Jon Fox/ Jane Fox5:319:068:168:16   Retired
6A5Jim Carty/ John Bennie5:016:417:28   5:00Retired
Car 6 Penalty details:- 3:00 for 3:00 early at TC 3
2:00 for 2:00 early at TC 4
75A3Haydn Williams/ Alan Brown5:349:5610:20    Retired
60A2Andrew Grimstone/ Ian Jackson6:1910:27     Gearbox Failure
54A2Christopher Firth/ David Brian Everard5:388:52     Accident
29A2Jack Cooke/ Mike Cooke5:278:58     Differential Failure
49A3Mel Hudson/ Roy Bell5:21      Lack of Go after Crash
44A5Craig McIntosh/ Dave Hammond5:10      Engine Fire
17A5Mike Stephenson/ Roy Jarvis       Retired
15A5Paul Bird/ Ian Windress       Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Gale Rigg
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7

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2 = 2 Wheel Drive. F = First Stage Rally. M = Mixed Crew.
D = De Lacy Members.