Stockton & District Motor Club - SG Petch Tour of Hamsterley Rally 2015

Final Stage Times in Position Order for Retirements

Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
337Alistair James Murray/ David Nevin12:0312:414:52    5:00Retired
Car 33 Penalty details:- 5:00 for 5:00 early at ATC3
501David Coatsworth/ Chris Pattison10:0412:144:134:06Retired
365Rob Gill/ Nick Taylor9:529:379:58  Off
231Brian McGuinness/ Ian Harden9:489:544:019:1910:11  Retired
143Andy Gibson/ Dave Gibson8:4916:173:56    Retired
103Nick Dobson/ Steve Pugh8:459:013:44    Retired
55Peter Smith/ Alan Walker       Unable to see where we are going
342Trevor Gamble/ tbc9:4810:203:57    Retired
513Neil Prior/ Peter Littlefield10:0510:49     Damage
492Richard Wells/ tba9:23      Clutch

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Kings Crag 1
7.41 miles
Stage 2
Strawberry Bank 1
8.14 miles
Stage 3
Raby Castle 1
2.86 miles
Stage 4
Kings Crag 2
7.41 miles
Stage 5
Strawberry Bank 2
8.14 miles
Stage 6
Raby Castle 2
2.86 miles
Stage 7
Raby Castle 3
2.86 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 12th September 2015 at 4:15pm BST