JMC&LCC - Paperclix Jersey Rally 2016

Final Stage Times in Starting Order for Retirements to SF 6 - Friday Day

Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
1DJeremy Baudains/ James Ollivro4:34.83:50.6    Mechanical
3FWD2Ian Godney/ Paul Brown4:54.84:08.74:46.23:58.64:50.93:54.626:33.8217
4DChris West/ Rob Hannah4:37.23:58.64:31.03:46.64:26.23:43.025:02.613
6EMark Jasper/ Don Whyatt      Non Starter
9C Ron Allen/ Derek Le Bailly 4:45.33:59.84:38.43:53.44:36.33:50.725:43.9310
10FWD2Andy Corner/ Ade Campo4:47.24:00.64:41.13:56.54:40.63:57.026:03.0112
11DLyndon Barton/ Simon Hunter4:58.94:09.25:40.24:02.74:40.74:02.727:34.4822
19DJames Russell/ Mark Russell4:43.83:58.64:33.43:52.34:38.63:57.225:43.959
20FWD2Dan Corner/ Mark Regan4:55.24:11.94:46.44:07.54:42.44:05.326:48.7320
21DSimon Le Noa/ Katie Le Blancq4:39.23:56.5    Retired
23EKevin Gell/ Sue Fossey4:50.44:00.64:38.53:55.7  Retired
25EJohn Saunders/ Tony Hart      Non Starter
26ENeil Cotillard/ Helier Lucas4:55.74:04.3    Retired
30CMark Syvret/ Chris Fox5:05.04:12.65:05.24:04.45:05.15:20.428:52.71039
32BMichael Amy/ Lee Rogan5:06.14:09.15:08.64:02.55:07.44:03.427:37.1123
33EKevin Jeffray/ Jane Gray5:10.54:28.05:10.54:21.35:10.54:16.228:37.0635
34DAnton Shaw/ Rob Crook5:00.94:43.7    Oil and water
35DNigel Killerby/ Colin Watson5:29.04:29.75:28.04:19.25:28.54:14.129:28.51249
36CChris Barrette / David Oliviera 4:59.94:05.06:00.74:05.05:30.34:01.028:41.9936
39CDavid Edmunds/ Dominic Jeans5:14.24:25.45:07.44:18.45:10.84:13.828:30.0833
42DTim Alderson/ Peter Villars5:37.68:00.0    Water Pump
46CDave Truscott/ Justin Bush5:32.14:28.25:32.14:13.85:32.14:09.229:27.51148
47DMichael Cotillard / Wendy Geary5:19.64:26.05:19.64:20.25:19.64:16.429:01.41042
48FWD2Kevin Newman/ Simon Cowley5:17.54:32.25:17.54:21.45:17.54:18.329:04.41043
49CPaul Romeril / Kieran Gregory 5:12.44:54.15:12.44:52.85:12.45:01.630:25.71252
50CDick Mauger/ Geno Gouveia      Retired
54BDavid Earthy/ Sarah Alys Edwards5:06.34:25.65:06.34:23.05:06.34:20.628:28.1231
57CGraham Waite/ Gill Cotton5:33.1     Retired
58FWD2Jack Butel/ Emma Falle4:59.14:15.54:59.14:20.04:59.15:27.128:59.9941
63ELee Earthy/ Richard Bonner5:07.94:10.55:07.94:21.45:07.94:10.528:06.1527
64EGrant Collins/ Connor Andrews5:34.44:55.2    Retired
67EColin Edmond/ Ashley Trimble      Non Starter
68BStephen Higgins/ Martin Burns      Mechanical
71AKevin Shales/ Steve Ahearne5:42.0     Retired
73AJack Hinton/ Conor Carre 5:46.44:48.55:46.44:43.75:46.44:33.231:24.6959
76APaul Arberry/ Pete Bold      Retired
77FWD2Wayne Le Sauvage / Mike Timms6:16.15:14.06:16.15:17.76:16.15:11.80:30.035:01.81468
Car 77 Penalty details:- 0:30 for 0:30 early at Service 1 In
78BEd Verrechio/ Andy Smith6:00.34:53.46:00.34:48.86:00.34:48.732:31.8664

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Brabant 1
4.28 miles
Stage 2
Martin 2
3.08 miles
Stage 3
Brabant 3
4.28 miles
Stage 4
Martin 4
3.08 miles
Stage 5
Brabant 5
4.28 miles
Stage 6
Martin 6
3.08 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 15th October 2016 at 6:50pm BST