Furness District Motor Club - Grizedale Stages Rally 2017

Final Stage Times in Position Order to TC 5

Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
3Class 5Ollie Mellors/ Ian Windress2:272:2316:4416:3938:1311
77Class 5Josh Moffett/ Stephen Thornton2:272:2217:0616:3538:3022
1Class 5Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson2:282:2917:0216:5938:5833
5Class 5Russ Thompson/ Andy Murphy2:312:2517:4617:3640:1844
10Class 5Michael Binnie/ Claire Mole2:392:2818:0317:3140:4155
12Class 5Alan Carmichael / Ivor Lamont 2:302:3318:1317:3240:4866
8Class 5Peter M Stephenson/ Patrick Walsh 2:282:2618:0017:5840:5277
21Class 5Stephen McCann/ Tom Woodburn2:312:2918:2218:0041:2288
24Class 3Stuart Egglestone/ Brian Hodgson2:382:3518:2918:2342:0519
34Class 5Niall Devine / Kieran Mcgrath2:352:3318:4018:2642:14910
20Class 5Simon Hay/ Calum Jaffray2:342:3118:4218:4042:271011
16Class 1Mat Smith/ Giles Dykes 2:452:4118:3018:3942:35112
23Class 5Alan Dickson/ Martin Forrest2:412:3619:1318:3243:021113
48Class 2Finlay Retson/ Tom Hynd2:452:3619:1319:0543:39114
25Class 3Mark Holmes/ Craig Simkiss2:462:4019:3119:0844:05215
45Class 4Mike Wolff/ Mark Twiname2:492:4419:3119:1844:22116
36Class 2Charlie Barlow/ Emma Morrison2:532:4919:4519:1544:42217
49Class 5Robin Glyn Williams/ Iwan Griffith2:382:3520:0619:2544:441218
42Class 4Tim Bevan/ Clive Selwyn Jones2:512:4519:2519:4344:44219
28Class 5Paul McCann/ Chris Williams2:522:4819:3519:3744:521320
35Class 2Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge2:492:4519:5619:3245:02321
40Class 5Trevor McConnell/ David Turkington2:402:3318:4421:0845:051422
50Class 3Barry Jordan/ Paul Wakely 2:532:4519:5019:4645:14323
29Class 5Paul Bonas/ Craig Cameron2:472:4420:1219:4645:291524
37Class 2Mark Shaw/ James Coxon2:482:4619:5820:1445:46425
62Class 4Andrew McCormick/ Rudy Tate2:492:4320:0420:1045:46326
32Class 2Ben Cree/ Andy Brown2:512:4920:1020:0845:58527
53Class 2Andy Gray/ Kim Gray2:512:5320:2219:5746:03628
39Class 5Alun Pearson/ Steve Perry2:592:5220:3119:4346:051629
60Class 5Viorel Dobasu / Ray Fitzpatrick2:472:4621:1319:4146:271730
54Class 2Jack Leese/ Sam Spencer3:052:5220:1920:1846:34731
64Class 2James Campbell/ Kevin McIver2:512:5120:1920:4546:46832
68Class 5Chris Melling/ Andy Peak2:552:5120:3120:3546:521833
44Class 3Colin Hope/ Nick Patrick2:562:5520:4220:3347:06434
59Class 2Phil Clarke/ Steve Pugh2:582:5320:5520:4647:32935
51Class 5Jan Budge/ Bruce Lindsay2:522:5420:5720:5747:401936
41Class 2Mike Axford/ Dave Thomason2:572:5121:1321:1348:141037
43Class 1Phillip Lilley/ John Ellwood3:013:0521:3021:0048:36238
61Class 1Chris Lawson/ Richard Wardle3:143:0021:3221:3049:16339
58Class 2Donald Peacock/ Scott Peacock3:063:0521:5921:0949:191140
55Class 2Bryan Gibson/ Matthew Hewlett3:083:0421:3721:3949:281241
47Class 3Graham Haigh/ Kari Bates3:093:0022:0822:0350:20542
65Class 3Alex Ian Milne/ Alex B Milne3:032:5822:2022:0950:30643
75Class 2Tommi Meadows/ Ian Oakey2:522:5025:4719:5951:281344
73Class 1James Johns/ Paul Watkins3:173:1022:5423:0052:21445
52Class 3Dave Arnold/ Nick Middleton2:582:5329:3720:5056:18746
70Class 2Bryan Gourlay / Scott Gourlay 3:573:4124:3925:031:0058:201447
Car 70 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC 4
69Class 3Kris Hopkins/ Martin Melsome-Smith3:093:0422:5230:4159:46848
56Class 2Martin Thayne/ Chris Sharpe-Simpkiss2:573:1130:4128:401:05:291549
These Competitors have only reached SS 4 Finish
15Class 5Ian Baumgart/ Heather Grisedale2:402:3518:3818:3042:232050

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Chapel House 1
2.12 miles
Stage 2
Chapel House 2
2.12 miles
Stage 3
Grizedale 3
15.63 miles
Stage 4
Grizedale 4
15.63 miles

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