Trackrod Motor Club - Lookout Stages Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Position Order for Retirements to SS8 Finish

Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
394Ian Cooper/ Cristopher Boulstridge8:578:3910:259:5810:5410:268:38 Retired
65David Longfellow/ Danny Ward7:407:268:518:318:418:2915:00 Broken rear diff carrier
553Neil Fewlass/ Stephen Varey8:418:109:309:339:579:217:56 Retired
235Darren Wilson/ Kevin Garthwaite30:0030:009:138:4715:009:43  Retired
412Robert Nutter/ Katie Nutter8:458:209:539:1715:00   Fanbelt
632Lorraine Leeming/ Karen Fitzsimons9:128:119:429:3310:06   Retired
313Anth Eaton/ Ian Jackson7:587:288:568:4213:18   Mechanical
435Mike Barnes/ Bob Brown8:387:589:4312:06    Blown Turbo
583Tom Stoker/ Dan Chambers8:338:039:569:32    Gearbox
353Ewan Stanhope/ Peter Stanhope7:517:369:09     Driveshaft
214Timo Kennish/ Di Stevenson8:317:5215:00     5:00Too many penalties to continue
Car 21 Penalty details:- 5:00 for Driving on tarmac SS2
375Pete Barnett/ Jim O'Kelleher8:2015:0011:40     Retired
225Adam Gillespie/ Amy Gillespie9:208:3015:00     Mechanical
592Phil Chicken/ Brian Jukes9:138:2515:00     Clutch
522Will Midgley/ Brendan McKenna8:137:509:39     Retired
323Richard Hepworth/ Marc Hepworth9:059:02      Throttle stuck on full
401Ben Wilson/ Kevin Wilson8:03       Ripped Gearbox/Suspension Mount Out
423Paul Wild/ Andy Sumner        Broken Wheel

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.40 miles
Stage 2
6.40 miles
Stage 3
7.70 miles
Stage 4
7.70 miles
Stage 5
7.80 miles
Stage 6
7.80 miles
Stage 7
7.20 miles
Stage 8
7.20 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 7th April 2019 at 5:45pm BST