Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
Class 0
550Ian Bass/ Lacey Brown11:5111:119:0532:07141
610David MacDonald/ Paul Topping12:5912:399:5935:37251
Class 1
511Kasia Nicklin/ Darren Scales 10:3110:027:5628:29119
631Matt Bown/ James Whitton 10:5210:228:1329:27226
391Matt Endean/ Suze Endean11:0810:488:2930:25336
591Brett Murray / Andrew Murray 12:0011:359:0232:37444
601Andrew Higgins/ Alex Mill13:2412:588:4135:03548
521Laura Christmas/ Duncan Christmas12:0616:009:2037:26654
Class 2
292Phil Kenny/ Ashleigh Morris10:2610:007:4828:14117
302Connor Tolson/ Brian Ilaria10:3810:157:5928:52223
562Simon Phillips/ Matthew Baddeley10:5310:298:2129:43330
502Tony Michael/ Paul Barrett11:0110:468:2530:12433
332Joe Evett/ Michael Evett11:1810:518:3030:39537
372Andy Madge/ Lucy Madge11:1310:528:190:3030:54638
Car 37 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Damage to Chicane SS1 Post 23
472Mark Livesey/ Graham Brown11:4411:148:5431:52739
492Peter Swan/ Geno Gouveia11:4911:309:0832:27842
452Guy Butler/ Calvin Houldsworth11:4311:169:000:3032:29943
Car 45 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Hitting Stage Furniture SS2
572Jason Simms/ Jake Simms11:5911:339:1332:451045
462Richard Hague/ Robert Bryn Jones13:0911:518:5633:561147
432Ian Dove/ John Dove11:0012:0114:0037:011253
Class 3
193John Stevens/ Antony Cowpe9:539:377:3727:0714
323Craig Stevens/ Stephen Moyses10:059:367:4027:2125
93James Nicholls/ David Allman10:189:297:230:3027:40310
Car 9 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Damage to Chicane SS1 Post 23
223Antony Allery/ Simon Dockray10:199:497:4827:56412
203Rob Brook/ Cat Lund10:1910:007:4528:04514
153Paul Rees/ Emma Morrison10:299:557:4228:06615
653Simon Thomas/ Liz Jordan10:1310:027:5228:07716
113Ross Wey/ Conor Wey10:3010:037:4628:19818
413Christopher Shooter/ Bev LeGood10:3710:058:0328:45922
423Nigel Greensall/ Toby Marshall11:0110:238:0329:271027
383Robert Clark/ Brett Griffin10:4810:318:2329:421129
533David Huxley/ Edward Stone11:0710:298:2229:581231
623Richard Egger/ Pat Egger10:4510:258:121:0030:221334
Car 62 Penalty details:- 1:00 for Jump Start SS3
683Lee Allen/ Ben Allen11:1010:418:3330:241435
643David Large/ David Ottoway11:5111:098:5331:531540
403Dave Leadbetter/ Cath Woodman11:0416:008:2735:311650
543Nigel Ikin/ Julia Perry11:2410:5514:0036:191752
Class 4
54Stephen Booth/ Catherine Booth10:159:427:3127:2816
244Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock10:199:567:4728:02213
184Martin Stockdale/ Mark Swallow10:459:567:4928:30320
254Stuart Tomlinson/ Nick Taylor10:3510:058:0128:41421
274Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths10:4210:168:0529:03524
314Peter Outram/ Jemma Outram10:3610:238:1229:11625
Class 5
25Kevin Procter/ Patrick Walsh9:399:037:0325:4511
45Steve Finch/ Sam Fordham10:009:107:1626:2622
15David Longfellow / Danny Ward 9:499:237:2826:4033
65Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster10:069:417:4327:3047
75Scott Renshaw / Chris Bullock 10:239:367:3427:3358
215Jonathan Lightbody/ Matt Sample10:119:407:4427:3569
105Craig Renshaw/ Steven Renshaw 10:269:487:4127:55711
265Bill Douglas/ Dave Barratt10:5310:228:2029:35828
715Rob Fisher/ James Ducker10:5110:528:2130:04932
35Graham Coffey / Marc Fowler 16:009:417:2033:011046
355Olly (William) Hunt/ Andy Falconer16:0010:568:1535:111149

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Sunday 13th September 2020 at 16:40 BST

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