Beverley & District Motor Club - Maple Garage Beaver Rally 2009

Final Penalties in Position Order with Positions to MTC 23 - Time Card 3

Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Card 2
Total Cls
7EAndrew Smith/ Ali Procter13:0413:0411
8EJason Straker/ Richard Holdsworth13:5613:5622
6EPhil Burton/ Sam Collis15:1515:1533
5EAde Green/ Kev Wilson15:2015:2044
9EAndy Nixon/ David Taylor16:3616:3655
13EHugh Garnish/ David Bell19:4719:4766
18EAsh Chapman/ Satish Khakhar20:0820:0877
24SPaul Metcalfe/ Stuart Wright21:0521:0518
15EClint Eade/ John Turnbull21:0821:0889
28SChris Faulkner/ Trevor Faulkner22:4622:46210
22SMick Smith/ Rhiannon Blythe23:2623:26311
20SRichard French/ Sasha Heriot23:3423:34412
16EJames Duke/ Mark Edwards24:5524:55913
3EGavin Smith/ Simon Bentley25:3025:301014
23SDavid Wainwright/ Yvonne Wainwright27:0427:04515
17EAndrew Long/ Matt Field29:2629:261116
35NPaul Scaife/ Simon Scaife29:5129:51117
11EIan C Orford/ Alan Edwards30:2930:291218
25SJames Vincent/ Kelvin Phipps33:5533:55619
40NSteve Johnson/ Bethan Blythe40:5440:54220
31NTom Spencer/ Sam Spencer45:0845:08321
33NAdam Campbell/ Simon Taylor1F 27:121F 27:12422
29SMatthew John Blood/ Paul Anthony Rhodes1F 38:081F 38:08723
36NAndy Smallwood/ Alex Lee3F 21:533F 21:53524
27SAndrew Stewart/ Roger Stoneley3F 36:263F 36:26825
39NMark Creswell/ Richard Vincent3F 1:07:593F 1:07:59626
34NChris Valentine/ Dave Barratt3F 1:14:423F 1:14:42727
10EIan Mitchell/ Andrew Fish6F 1:55:416F 1:55:411328
37NJohn Carmicheal/ Paul Edward Train8F 1:53:368F 1:53:36829

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 29th November 2009 at 8:06am GMT