Kirkby Lonsdale, Eden Valley & Northallerton - Stobart Rail Pendragon Stages 2010

Final Stage Times in Starting Order to TC 11 - Second and Third Loops

Car Cls CrewTotal
First Loop
78910 Penalty Total Cls
15Paul Bird/ Kirsty Riddick29:04    Wrong direction on SS1
25Hugh Hunter/ Andy Marchbank31:079:088:521:181:1451:3933
35Ian Joel/ Graeme Wood32:429:159:071:201:1953:431011
45Bob Grant/ Peter Carstairs30:289:078:561:151:1451:0011
55Kevin Jeffray/ Linda Thomas34:3510:1210:021:291:2657:441830
64Darren Atkinson/ Phil Sandham    In a ditch
75Richard Cook/ Edwin Cook31:079:229:181:191:1652:2244
85Nigel Hobson/ Tim Hobson33:30    Clutch
93Marcus Noble/ Helen Hall32:05    Diff
105Michael Johns/ Michael Graham31:1510:069:221:221:2053:2599
115David Hardie/ John McCulloch30:459:099:041:161:1551:2922
123Tommi Graham/ Mike Bailey27:36    Retired
135Michael Glendinning/ Andrew Roughead31:349:179:211:181:1652:4655
142Barry Lindsay/ Michael Lindsay32:069:559:491:221:2054:32113
155John Bainbridge/ Giles Dykes34:1010:159:561:281:2957:181628
165Dom Buckley/ Allan Cathers31:429:279:161:201:1653:0166
184Trevor Smith/ Mal Capstick31:439:389:271:221:2053:30110
194David Thwaites/ Tony Walker41:5517:15   Driveshaft
215John Baird/ Martin Forrest31:449:329:251:231:1953:2388
225Keith Hall/ James Hall32:269:229:181:211:1853:451112
245Simon Bowen/ Ritchard Robinson32:3410:019:371:201:2054:521315
252Peter Taylor/ Paul Hughes30:12    Gearbox
265Keith Richardson/ Jackie Richardson33:419:559:481:261:252:0058:151934
Car 26 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at TC 9
275Nick Stamper/ Heather Stamper34:22    Burst Intercooler Pipe
285Paul Dolan/ Derrick Fawcett33:4010:2610:221:321:2657:261729
293Alistair Hutchinson/ St. John Dykes32:20    Driveshaft
304Thomas Preston / Jamie Forrest32:489:499:381:271:2355:05216
315Peter Thornton/ Stephen Thompson32:5110:119:451:231:2155:311420
321Mark Constantine/ Andrew Constantine33:1910:099:441:211:2055:53122
333Chris Taylor/ Andrew Mason33:0911:54   Retired
343Andrew Bird/ Stuart Egglestone28:53    Retired
353Paul Miller/ Katy Mashiter    Retired
363Stephen Doherty/ Russell Smith36:25    Retired
375David Hope/ Fiona Gourlay32:479:409:371:231:2154:481214
383David Coulson/ John Coulson32:5810:009:411:251:2255:26219
403Mark Thompson/ Andrew Brown32:5210:169:541:281:2555:55423
412Des Campbell/ James Braithwaite32:389:549:461:281:2555:11217
422Malcolm Davey/ Paul Slingsby33:1310:139:521:241:2356:05324
441Andrew Fry/ Michael Hunter33:2310:0610:041:261:2356:22226
453Neil Mashiter/ Jane Clark41:5410:2410:091:281:281:05:23748
462Gareth White/ Callum Atkinson 33:0310:329:491:231:2156:08425
484Geoff Wilson/ Sean O'Neill32:42    Engine
492Mark Shaw/ Ken Willan34:0810:3710:291:251:2358:02532
501Rob Meynell/ Tom Spencer    Non Starter
511Stephen Bethwaite/ Ann Forster34:1510:3510:231:261:2558:04433
522Ken Jackson/ Tba31:26    Broke Shaft
533Martin Murray/ Peter Weall25:10    Gearbox
541Paul Atkinson/ Chris Williams35:4710:4710:291:341:301:00:07640
553Kevin Charles/ Tony jevons36:1411:0610:481:341:311:01:13642
562Geoffrey Harkness/ Caroline Lodge30:10    Gearbox
572Colin Stockil/ Sarah Craven37:1011:4411:141:391:341:03:21847
583Paul Ballantyne/ Andrew Blackhall    Wheel off
595Chris Collie/ Michelle Falconer21:25    Retired
602David Crozier/ Alison Crozier35:3410:3910:201:271:2259:22738
612Micheal Davidson/ John Coates36:33    Driveshaft
621Andrew Irving/ Reg irving36:1511:0210:541:341:31Retired
632Howard Edwards/ Dan Madden    Wheel studs broken
641George Miller/ Libby Miller36:0811:0611:541:421:371:02:27944
652Barrie Thomson/ Andrew Irving35:0810:3110:231:311:2558:58636
663Chris Anderson/ Chris Thirling33:059:589:481:231:2155:35321
671Colin Smithson/ Pete Johnson34:1610:2910:201:251:2257:52331
681Martin Breen/ Simon Graham35:54    Gearbox
692Carin Logan/ Christine Sanderson    Gearbox
705Colin Butler/ Andrew Hutchinson35:0910:4910:441:341:3059:462039
711Chris Clark/ Rachel Fawcett37:2011:2611:101:351:311:03:021045
721John Hislop/ Peter Leary37:42    Broken Gearbox
735Stan Bradley/ Andrew Bradley    Non Starter
741Mark Davidson/ Plug Pulleyn36:4511:0910:541:341:311:01:53843
775Michael Robertson/ Ian Shiells36:2311:1011:111:321:30Wrong direction on SS8
785Andrew Gardner/ John Gardner39:0412:0011:321:361:331:05:452150
791Craig Johns/ James Coxon36:0710:4010:271:311:241:00:09741
801Dave Head/ Mitch McGrath37:0611:3711:161:361:371:03:121146
811Mrs Sian Beaty/ Julianne Antrobus38:3411:5911:281:431:401:05:241249
833Darren Grimston/ Tba    Non Starter
842Sarah Hunter/ Martin Woodcock38:2611:5211:151:351:323:001:07:40951
Car 84 Penalty details:- 3:00 for 3:00 early at TC 7
852Sam Biyner/ Mariusz Kowalski34:30    Retired
865Geoff Simpson/ Mick Johnson34:26    Retired
873Dave Nicholson/ Steve Nicholson35:1410:5310:371:091:2759:20537
885Mark I'Anson/ Ron Roughead33:5710:049:471:241:1956:311527
893Charlie Taylor/ Steve Bielby32:559:499:461:241:2255:16118
905Keith Taylor/ Dave Robson31:389:249:211:231:2153:0777
911Julian Hope/ Mark Townsend34:2210:4010:311:301:2658:29535
925Tim Finch/ Neil Bye    Puncture, Gearbox, Front Diff, Driveshaft, Clutch, Wheel Bearing

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 7
Balehill 1
8.62 miles
Stage 8
Balehill 2
8.62 miles
Stage 9
Lowther WP3
1.12 miles
Stage 10
Lowther WP4
1.12 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 29th August 2010 at 7:18pm BST