Car Cls CrewTotal
Card 2
MTC27STC28 Route
Total Cls
3AJohn Haden/ Iain Tullie7:157:1511
2AGuy Robinson/ Charles Wheeldon8:168:1622
1ADave Twilton/ Mike Petch10:0910:0933
8AJohn Dimbleby/ David Dimbleby10:1110:1144
4APeter Reeson/ Roger Hage11:1111:1155
17AAndy Beaumont/ Matt Blood11:2811:2866
7ATerry Martin/ Simon Bentley13:2213:2277
11ASandie Taylor/ Paul Taylor15:1315:1388
5AGraham Reeson/ Richard Hage16:3216:3299
10AMad Gav Smith/ Mike 'Oggy' Ogram17:0217:021010
19BDavid Williams/ Richard Booth17:3417:34111
15AMalcolm Holdsworth/ Richard Holdsworth17:4417:441112
27BTim Rodgers/ Roger Cunningham18:1518:15213
14AAbe Shenker/ Steve Brown25:1425:141214
21BJonathan 'jonno' Hobbs/ Chris Thorley31:0731:07315
12ADave Chapman/ David Taylor38:1738:171316
35DColin Evans/ Pat Gadsby39:0639:06117
20BMartyn Langley/ John Thornton53:4153:41418
22BBill Chadwick/ Alan Edwards54:0454:04519
18ADavid Tubman/ John Tubman1F 28:031F 28:031420
23BDavid Howell/ Stephen Taylor1F 34:151F 34:15621
16AAndy Whittaker/ Charlie Tynan1F 40:441F 40:441522
25BPaul Metcalfe/ Stuart Wright2F 49:5812F 50:58723
30CJohn Savage/ Paul Rhodes3F 57:133F 57:13124
39EJohn Ross/ Oliver Ross3F 1:03:033F 1:03:03125
32DJames Carter/ Jonathan Stockdale3F 1:11:043F 1:11:04226
26BJames Haigh/ Chris Haygarth4F 50:034F 50:03827
28DLen Smith/ Michael West7F 1:15:587F 1:15:58328
34CCraig Whitehead/ Duncan Warriner8F 1:23:1618F 1:24:16229
33CGlyn Casey/ Mark Casey12F 1:55:461812F 2:13:46330
31CCurly Haigh/ Sally Peacock19F 41:10119F 42:10431
37EPaul Wilson/ Jonathan Broadbent58:55  58:55232
40EChris Goodall/ Paul Bingham2F 1:29:59  2F 1:29:59333
36EMichael Watkins/ Graham Cherry10F 1:43:39  10F 1:43:39434

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

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