Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
1E2Steve Simpson/ Patrick Walsh8:117:595:325:286:406:41 Technical Issue
4BRC1Frank Bird/ Jack Morton7:527:415:145:066:146:225:3744:0633
10E2Garry Jennings / Rory Kennedy8:097:595:225:196:246:1511:00Retired
17BRC1Marty McKenna/ Kaine Treanor8:288:165:465:415:33  Disqualified
21GTChris West/ Keith Hounslow       Non Starter
31CJoshua Davey/ Tamsyn Davey8:288:055:166:03   Engine Fire
37E2John Griffiths / Nigel Wetton       Non Starter
39E2John Marshall/ Scott Crawford       Non Starter
40E2Nigel Worswick/ Paula Swinscoe8:28      Retired
43E2Paul Murro/ Callum Cross8:288:315:455:237:086:446:07Retired
58E2Drew Gallagher/ David Crosbie8:288:585:55    Power steering pump
63E2Gary Russell/ Fiona Scarrett8:2810:076:456:237:55  Pully on alternator block
68CRobin Adams/ Ray Keith8:289:198:006:03   Retired
85CAntony Allery/ Dan Tribe8:288:485:486:03   Accident
87CMark Sheppard/ TBC       Retired
106CMatt Thompson/ Howard Pridmore8:2811:0030:0030:007:387:096:15Arguments with gate post
108DJames Garner/ Sophie Buckland8:28      Retired
112CThomas Barlow/ Robert De Belder8:289:326:105:59   Gearbox
115BRC4Casey Jay Coleman/ Grace O'Brien8:2811:008:006:038:22  Mechanical issues
120MX5Steve Dolman/ Julia Perry8:2811:006:006:03   Retired
125CPete Gunson/ Jonathan Haynes 8:289:416:106:0310:00  Retired
133CMike Riley/ Phil Gough8:2810:006:206:037:447:40 Retired
135CKevan Wilson/ James Worth8:2810:146:316:03   Clutch Failure
139E1John Wood/ Richard Wood8:289:52     Clutch
141CDaniel Poole/ Irvine Holtom8:289:226:116:0310:00  Retired
146BMichael Jones/ Phil Jones8:289:516:256:038:038:03 Co-Driver sick
147CBrendan Leonard/ Matthew Baddeley8:289:36     Engine
149BKiaran Hankin/ Peter Whiteside8:289:48     Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.02 miles
Stage 2
7.02 miles
Stage 3
4.92 miles
Stage 4
4.92 miles
Stage 5
6.40 miles
Stage 6
6.40 miles
Stage 7
6.78 miles

These results became Final on Monday 31st May 2021 at 19:55 BST and were signed by Darren Spann (Clerk of the Course)

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