Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
Class 0
430David Clucas/ Jason Cornell11:2711:2322:50132
Class 1
181Michael Pickles/ Beverley Warren9:058:4817:53120
401Mark Simpson/ Jo Wilkinson9:279:1218:39222
161Chris Greenall/ James Greenall9:269:2418:50323
381Joe Bell/ Matt Kemp 9:449:2419:08426
351Kevin Hullah/ Chris Harding9:529:5519:47529
441Brian Marquis/ Lorraine Annison10:219:2619:47630
391Nicola Boocock / Lewis Hooper 10:169:4319:59731
Class 2
102Chris Platt/ Mad Mick Robinson8:388:1416:5219
342Mr Jason W Simms/ Jake Simms 10:109:3319:43227
Class 3
283Mark Thompson/ Jordan English8:298:1116:4015
153 Rob Brook/ Cat Lund8:288:1316:4126
143Gareth Hooper / Sam Bilham 8:428:2317:05310
243Josh Jones/ Shaun Layland8:548:3017:24416
213Rob Watson/ Joshua Jack Watson9:108:4817:58521
373Roger Ward/ Mark Ward9:489:1519:03624
303Stuart Bell/ Stephen Sanderson9:479:1719:04725
323Paul Thompson / Carl Stuttard 13:179:4022:57833
263Paul Wild / David Thompson 9:3315:0024:33935
Class 4
64Martin Hodgson/ Tony Jones8:217:5016:1113
54Mark Jasper/ Don Whyatt8:368:1116:4727
204Justin Middleton/ Mathew Faulkner8:498:2517:14313
254Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths8:578:3317:30417
334David Cluckie/ Nicole Moon 8:578:3717:34519
Class 5
45Darrell Taylor / Steve Mcnulty8:007:4115:4111
15Martin Farrar/ Andy Ward8:127:4816:0022
35David Longfellow/ Danny Ward8:267:5316:1934
25Tim Pearcey/ Antony Edwards8:348:1516:4948
235Jamie Martin/ James Wood8:448:2517:09511
85Darren Martin/ Martin Steele8:518:2117:12612
415Darren Craig / Johnathan Cragg 8:548:2617:20714
195Ian Ring/ Paul Vasey8:438:3917:22815
125Bruce Lindsay/ Geoff 8:548:3717:31918
295James Avis/ Dylan Thomas9:479:5819:451028
115Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster15:008:2423:241134

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.40 miles
Stage 2
7.40 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 11th July 2021 at 15:45 BST and were signed by Andy Turnbull (Clerk of the Course)

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