Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
25Tim Pearcey/ Antony Edwards8:348:159:15 Retired
54Mark Jasper/ Don Whyatt8:368:118:28 Retired
75Paul Walker/ Tim Bradley 8:16   Brake failure
95Scott Renshaw/ Chris Bullock    Non Starter
115Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster15:008:248:538:4641:03927
125Bruce Lindsay/ Geoff 8:548:378:519:57Electrical
173Ian Curwen/ Dan Curwen8:50   Transmission
223Oliver Hunter / Jonathon Kennedy     Non Starter
272John Tear/ Robert Turton9:36   Engine blown
283Mark Thompson/ Jordan English8:298:118:30 Crank sensor issue
312James Crosland/ Richard Hill8:5910:00  Clutch failure
365P Robinson/ J Ducker 9:13   Clutch
423Lorraine Leeming/ Karen Fitz-simons    Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.40 miles
Stage 2
7.40 miles
Stage 3
7.50 miles
Stage 4
7.50 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 11th July 2021 at 15:45 BST and were signed by Andy Turnbull (Clerk of the Course)

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