Car Cls Crew123456789101112 Penalty Total Cls
15B4Martyn Jones/ Llion “Tractor” Williams3:40.913:01.13:46.020:37.913:59.413:29.03:32.13:26.313:18.512:53.21:41:44.4322
64B2Max Murray/ Matty Owen4:05.314:50.04:04.114:58.415:36.020:28.04:58.34:52.115:00.0 1:00.0Retired
Car 64 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC 11A
84B2Ross Wasson/ Aodhan Gallagher 4:07.214:50.04:02.015:26.116:10.015:27.03:48.93:40.814:31.2 Retired
69B4GRAHAM ROBERTS/ Andrew Richards4:36.914:50.04:36.417:08.417:59.015:38.03:57.13:51.2  Ditch hugging
105H2Philip Atkinson/ Louise Gilks4:23.314:50.04:18.915:49.916:54.516:28.04:00.43:58.7  Retired
41B5Chris Simmons/ Andrew Moss3:50.314:50.03:44.614:31.514:13.016:20.03:38.13:33.8  Broken engine mount
52B2Lloyd Morgan / Ellie Williams 3:53.614:50.03:51.413:56.014:13.014:17.03:38.23:32.3  1:00.0Retired
Car 52 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC 7A
128B4D Turner/ Lee Solway5:09.414:50.05:08.718:14.117:59.016:43.44:15.04:15.6  Retired
104H1Shane Gamble/ Paul Kendrick4:51.414:50.04:32.517:53.617:59.015:53.13:56.34:04.6  Retired
85H2Andrew Stokes/ Jonny Tad Evans4:10.514:50.04:12.216:24.615:53.014:47.03:38.63:36.7  Water pump gasket
83B4William Midgley/ Geoff Maybank4:30.614:50.04:18.715:52.016:52.815:35.03:57.9   Retired
100H1Steve Higgins/ Sam Spencer4:42.114:50.04:43.718:13.317:59.016:34.34:09.8   No clutch
71B4Oliver Hunter / Jonathon Kennedy3:55.214:50.03:50.929:00.015:04.816:28.0    Retired
9B6Andy Davies/ Michael Gilbey3:45.614:13.33:49.414:05.714:13.030:00.0    Retired
96B5Colin Kniveton/ Kevin Kniveton4:30.014:50.04:18.815:48.917:17.116:34.0    Engine
61B5Joe Kelly / Conor boylan 4:22.314:50.03:56.715:52.715:55.916:28.0    Retired
123B1Jake clague / Gavin Clague 4:45.014:50.04:35.717:20.817:51.7     Engine gone boom
110B4Kevin Charles / Anthony Jevons4:46.714:50.04:28.916:24.317:23.9     Over Shoot / Hit bank hedge
77B6Richard kneen/ Sarah kneen4:40.714:50.04:27.916:04.317:41.5     Retired
46B5Andrew Bird/ Richard Pulleyn3:49.714:50.03:48.313:40.014:13.0     Mull Rally next weekend
18B6Roger Moran/ Paul Morris 3:56.114:11.83:52.014:07.614:13.0     Withdrawn
122B1Kealan Beattie / Liam Ruddock5:04.914:50.04:47.317:12.8      Crash
130B2Harry Ackers/ Luke Collins 4:57.314:50.04:32.716:49.3      Retired
91B4Geoff Phelps/ Colin Jenkins4:15.814:50.04:17.216:35.7      Accident
26B1Dai Roberts/ Daniel Petrie3:53.313:50.73:54.318:15.3      Accident
107B4George Merrills/ Mark Brew4:21.014:50.04:18.715:56.5      Retired
50B5Lee Halfpenny/ Chris Ridge3:54.614:50.03:57.815:01.0      Stopped
29B4Lee Edwards/ Will Atkins3:37.313:24.43:35.412:47.2      Retired
119B1Michael Diehl/ Harry Stubbs 4:38.814:50.0         Crank Seal
66B2John Midgley/ Malcolm Smithson4:37.314:50.04:30.516:27.3      Alternator
20B6Timmy Collins/ Cliona Collins22:00.014:50.03:51.514:00.1      Too wet
92H2Michael Morgan/ Robert Brian Halloway4:52.614:50.04:31.1        Accident
80B2Leigh pratt/ Martin Pendelbury 4:32.214:50.04:14.3        Accident
103B2Adrian Rankin / Keith peoples4:23.314:50.04:07.2        Retired
44B6Chris Marshall/ Graham Wild4:04.314:50.44:07.3        Hit banking
97B2Michael Mckenna / Emma Kennaugh4:27.914:50.0         Throttle stuck
47H3Adrian Kermode/ John Coleman 4:00.014:50.0         Clutch
11B6Craig Jones/ Shaun Layland3:43.5           Slight Off
4B6Damian Cole/ Andrew Roughead3:43.4           Accident
2B8Melvyn Evans/ Mark Glennerster7:00.0           Broken wheel
30B5Barry jones/ Iwan Griffiths             Non Starter
78B2Jack McKenna / Emmet Sherry             Non Starter
12B7John Cope/ Charlotte Shimmin            Gearbox failure
33B6Andy Scott/ Laura Connell            Non Starter
118B1Kayleigh Cannell/ Nigel Cannell            Non Starter
57B4colin hope/ nick patrick            Non Starter
99B4Peter Geoffrey Duke/ Chloe Duke (tbcf)            Non Starter
40B8Cal McCarthy/ Derek O'Brien            Non Starter
21B8Jason Mitchell /             Non Starter
25B8David Campling/ James Ducker            Non Starter
5B7Aaron McLaughlin/ Darren Curran            Non Starter
87B1Liam Kelliher/ TBA            Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Glen Roy 1
2.85 miles
Stage 3
The Classic 1
13.07 miles
Stage 4
Glen Roy 2
2.85 miles
Stage 6
The Classic 2
13.07 miles
Stage 7
St Marks 1
14.38 miles
Stage 8
Parville 1
13.56 miles
Stage 9
Balladhoole 1
3.10 miles
Stage 10
Balladhoole 2
3.10 miles
Stage 11
St Marks 2
14.38 miles
Stage 12
Parville 2
13.56 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 2nd October 2021 at 17:45 BST and were signed by Mark Quayle (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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