Car Cls Crew12345678910 Penalty Total Cls
Class A
60AEuan Dangerfield/ Samantha Dangerfield5:19.05:53.15:09.25:38.64:56.95:36.85:29.78:36.45:02.78:11.459:53.8449
53AJames Weaver/ Teresa Butler4:38.15:20.54:33.65:08.14:30.06:06.04:38.47:19.24:28.67:13.353:55.8339
57AStephen Higgins/ Cat Lund5:02.75:27.14:46.45:23.2      Fuel Starvation
29AStuart Thompson/ Edward Gamble4:23.2         Retired
63AChris Woodcock/ Heidi Woodcock          Non Starter
Class B
49BNathan Nicolle/ Romany Stephens4:36.05:10.04:24.26:46.74:25.04:56.14:21.87:04.64:16.57:34.353:35.2437
26BPaul Trebert/ Jason Carre4:26.84:53.34:17.34:48.05:05.56:19.5    Mechanical failure
14BDai Roberts/ Daniel Petrie          Non Starter
Class C
36CStephen Le Brun/ Matthew Le Brun 4:43.95:18.34:17.24:42.54:11.24:42.84:18.26:47.84:09.26:43.049:54.1926
8CSteve Ellis/ Jamie Vaughan 4:02.24:36.43:51.94:24.73:52.24:22.43:56.16:13.83:55.56:10.745:25.937
66CTim Le Lacheur/ Peter Sims          Non Starter
19CBen Smith/ Steven Smith          Non Starter
69CRichard Le Feuvre/ Nick Saunders           Non Starter
Class D
38DGreg Kelly/ Ben Hague 4:38.98:00.04:32.75:22.34:28.05:03.34:29.87:02.44:24.56:56.754:58.61346
23DChris Cotillard/ Harrison Cotillard4:50.65:22.04:23.65:01.64:21.14:57.54:23.26:54.64:06.46:32.150:52.71227
43DTim Alderson/ Peter Villars4:25.05:02.44:25.04:42.54:15.54:46.14:10.36:40.54:04.56:34.749:06.51022
17DKevin Rault/ Dan Gallichan4:20.04:42.64:05.44:35.34:05.24:32.34:24.56:37.33:59.46:22.847:44.8916
70DDale Crowsley/ Steve Gully4:12.64:38.53:57.04:31.53:52.64:26.23:58.36:22.53:53.06:14.246:06.4711
15DDan Corner/ Mark Regan4:19.14:41.53:59.04:26.33:59.04:28.73:56.46:13.13:46.46:04.545:54.0610
5DJames Munden/ Andrew Frost4:04.24:39.13:55.64:25.73:49.04:21.03:51.56:05.93:47.36:28.145:27.448
46DFrancis Touzel / Matthew Godfrey 4:16.28:00.04:09.34:47.24:01.14:33.24:01.96:31.03:53.2 Damage to bank
21DChris Barette/ Derek Le Bailley4:22.44:48.54:06.44:36.54:04.74:37.84:09.0   Fuel pump
51DRoger Henderson/ John Dowd4:16.95:29.74:05.0       2:00.0J11 Trinity
Car 51 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at ATC 3
13DDale Crowsley/ Steve Gully          Non Starter
27DIan Davies/ Mark Crisp          Non Starter
44DMichael Sawyer / Gareth Price           Non Starter
1DChris West/ Robbie Hannah          Retired
18DHuw James/ David Jones          Non Starter
Class E
41EDavid Edmunds/ Dominic Jeans4:41.15:20.04:27.55:04.04:29.25:01.54:37.07:13.64:42.57:09.752:46.1634
33EKeith Pinel/ Matthew Pinel4:33.15:14.14:25.64:42.54:24.94:56.64:27.37:07.54:22.17:00.951:14.6430
32EMichael Cotillard/ Wendy Geary4:33.85:06.94:21.74:42.54:21.05:00.74:38.07:06.64:23.96:53.451:08.5328
4ELee Vivian/ Will Rutherford3:56.34:23.83:48.04:16.23:48.04:16.13:49.66:02.83:41.75:56.443:58.913
34EDavid Longfellow/ Mark Broadbent4:10.3         Accident trinity tyres wall
Class FWD2
47FWD2Graham Roberts/ Stephen Spear4:40.15:25.14:34.64:42.54:32.45:23.54:49.77:35.04:37.67:31.153:51.6538
68FWD2Karl Robert / Karl Marshall4:21.14:51.14:12.94:42.44:12.14:45.94:13.16:42.54:01.46:33.148:35.6219
35FWD2Joao Rodrigues/ Jordan Neill4:29.75:00.64:23.24:42.54:16.54:44.64:18.56:50.4  Breakdown
56FWD2Fraser Torode/ Phil Vedier 4:32.64:59.84:19.0       Hitting Wall
67FWD2Craig Robert/ Gary Robert 4:20.15:11.34:06.34:42.54:03.04:38.34:09.96:41.73:59.66:38.1Engine
31FWD2Richard Le Marquand/ Trevor Rabet4:28.8         Accident on flying finish line

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
St Martin 1
3.06 miles
Stage 2
Trinity 1
3.73 miles
Stage 3
St Martin 2
3.06 miles
Stage 4
Trinity 2
3.73 miles
Stage 5
St Martin 3
3.06 miles
Stage 6
Trinity 3
3.73 miles
Stage 7
St Brelade 1
3.32 miles
Stage 8
Rossignol 1
5.70 miles
Stage 9
St Brelade 2
3.32 miles
Stage 10
Rossignol 2
5.70 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 9th October 2021 at 18:10 BST and were signed by Mark Quayle (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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