Car Cls CrewTotal
Leg 2
1415 Penalty Total Cls
139CDamian Breckon/ David Cameron 2:14:48.630:14.0 Retired after SS14
140H1Drew Struthers/ Fiona Moir2:11:01.027:47.24:40.72:43:28.9178
123BRyan Ingram/ Calum MacDougall1:56:40.223:36.64:12.22:24:29.0443
46BJohn Paterson/ Paul Macfadyen 1:51:00.423:45.03:58.02:18:43.4126
92EDarren Thompson/ Kyle Livingstone1:50:17.623:02.04:01.32:17:20.91220
45EAlistair Inglis/ Colin Inglis1:49:32.022:11.03:43.52:15:26.5914
14EHugh Hunter/ Jane Nicol1:57:14.031:38.6 Clutch
164DMark Borthwick/ Harrison Malin1:56:10.124:51.2 Clutch
87CJames Boland/ John McCay1:50:40.6  Off, Lost Wheel
104CKevin Gray/ Callum Shanks12:01.4  Off Road
99CGary Dillon/ Dave Riley2:20:13.0  Did not start Leg 3
133EDrew Gallagher / David Crosbie 1:21:36.1  Fire
120EDonald McEwan/ Ellis Flemming1:50:00.7  Off Road
1EPaul MacKinnon / Paul Beaton1:21:05.8  Off Road
31CGraham Willcock/ Shaun Wilson1:39:27.3  Mechanical
44CDave Hopwood/ Paul Grattidge1:38:59.4  Dry Sump Pump Failed
3EJohn MacCrone/ Stuart Loudon 1:22:02.5  Retired
103BAdrian Rankin / Keith Peoples1:35:16.4  Mechanical
67EGordon Cunningham/ Charley Sayer-Payne1:27:34.2  Nearside Hub
112H3Paul Mankin/ Peter E R Scott1:43:20.6  Off Road
20EJohn Rintoul/ Ross Hynd1:16:29.9  Off Road
10DJames MacGillivray/ Kerrie MacGillivray1:12:13.1  3 Wheels
54DBruce Edwards/ Jim Smith1:13:19.8  Driveshaft
18EDonnie MacDonald/ Jamie Edwards1:17:08.2  2 Punctures
145BSteven Alexander/ Christina Turner3:08:15.2  Wishbone
47ELee Hastings/ Cole Hastings2:52:05.8  Radiator
161CDavid Mcleod/ Eamonn Boyle1:21:47.9  Stopped in Stage
64DKyle Adam/ Steven Brown2:47:15.4  Broken Diff
142H2Stu Mclaren/ Eoghan Anderson1:21:39.2  Retired
114BTom Howie/ Michael Mackenzie 1:15:49.5  Clutch
78CDave Holland/ Neil Gater 1:03:02.4  Steering Rack
75AJohn Cressey/ Martin Cressey1:01:23.1  Driveshaft
80CKeith Hall/ Peter Johnson1:00:39.4  Off Road
73ESteven Paterson/ Scott Paterson58:04.5  Rolled
33CRoss Hunter/ Callum Atkinson48:22.9  Drive Shaft
107H4Paul Daniel/ Helen Noble  Mechanical
130CCampbell McColm / Donald McColm 1:14:55.7  Did not start Leg 2
74EAllan Cameron/ Angus Williams1:01:42.4  Retired
7ELewis Gallagher/ Harry Marchbank53:06.8  Mechanical
39EIan Chadwick/ Sinclair Young38:28.5  Mechanical
153EGrant Fleming/ Chloe Fleming38:24.0  Clutch
105EAlistair Dalgliesh/ David Dalgliesh31:03.9  Stopped in Stage
125CShug Rutherford / Louis Rutherford 36:49.8  Fan Belt
124ESam MacFadyen/ Daniel Paterson 36:04.3  2 Punctures
93BSteven O'Donnell/ Stewart Wilshire33:55.3  Off Road
76CAdam Booth/ Dan Granger28:37.5  Mechanical
163CMatt Tarbutt/ Mike Yates14:00.0  Lost Wheel
66CPat Johnson/ Sam Spencer9:09.4  Throttle Sensor
154EDavid Miller/ Andrew Bailey9:15.5  Gearbox

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 14
Calgary Bay/Loch Tuath
21.89 miles
Stage 15
Ben More
3.64 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 10th October 2021 at 09:30 BST and were signed by Andy Jardine (Clerk of the Course)

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