Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
15Ollie Mellors/ Max Freeman  Retired
25Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson5:507:3713:2711
35Kevin Procter / Nigel Hutchinson6:258:3214:57913
45Michael Binnie/ Claire Mole6:148:0514:1955
55Thomas Preston/ Carl Williamson6:168:0814:2466
65Elliot Payne/ Patrick Walsh5:567:4613:4222
75Simon Bowen/ Craig Simkiss 6:108:0514:1544
85Charles Payne / Jamie Edwards6:078:0314:1033
95Daniel Hiorns/ Chris Purvis6:258:2614:51811
105Hugh Brunton/ Richard Wardle6:188:0614:2477
115Steve Petch/ John Richardson6:478:4815:351320
125Gary Cooper/ Jon Riley6:358:2314:581014
145Richard Wells/ Calvin Houldsworth6:25 Accident
155Tommy Graham/ Mark Pickering7:209:0816:281738
165Dave Welch/ Steve Mcnulty6:458:3815:231117
175Steve Pawson/ Graham Wride6:458:4615:311218
185Ron Hall/ Phil Spilsted8:2810:5619:242374
195Craig Renshaw/ Nick Taylor 7:2910:08Engine
205Jonathan Lightbody/ Mark Swallow7:539:5417:472159
215Jan Budge/ Bruce Lindsay7:009:0716:071427
225Miles Taylor/ Barry Young7:148:5716:111531
235Ian Ring/ Paul Vasey7:099:1316:221636
245Pete Barnett/ James O'Kelleher7:209:1516:351839
255Kevin Downes/ Dave Jackson7:479:3917:262054
265Aileen Forrest/ John Forrest7:219:3816:591946
275Philip Megginson/ Miles Cartwright7:5310:1818:112265
101H2Matthew Robinson/ Dave Robson6:128:1314:2518
102H2Steve Bannister/ Callum Atkinson6:258:1914:44310
103H2David Brown / Steve Bielby 6:358:2715:02515
104H2Ryan Champion / Craig Thorley 6:198:0914:2829
1051Mat Smith / Neil Colls6:428:390:5016:11130
Car 105 Penalty details:- 0:50 for 5:00 early at MTC 2
1063Neil Wearden/ Mark Fisher6:438:5015:33119
107H2Nick Kitching/ Andrew Trollope6:588:5915:57824
1083Nick Dobson/ Jonathan Turnbull7:408:5916:39441
1093Stuart Boyes/ Sam Spencer6:548:515:20OTL at MTC2
Car 109 Penalty details:- 5:20 for 32:00 late at MTC 2
1102Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge7:029:0716:09228
1114Allan McDowall/ Gavin Heseltine  Driveshaft
1122Carl Tuer/ Robin Tuer7:199:1716:36440
1132Ben Cree/ Shaun wilson7:089:2016:28337
114H2Nick Carr/ Sam Collis 6:318:2114:52412
115H2James Potter/ Bob Duck6:55 Bent Steering
1163Alistair Hutchinson/ St John Dykes6:589:0716:05226
117H2James Lepley/ Arwel Jenkins6:408:3115:11616
1184Simon Pickard / Tom Pickard7:018:4515:46122
119H2Ken Sturdy/ Chris Sharpe-Simkiss7:07 Electrical
1204Nigel Cay/ Fred Roberts6:539:0615:59225
1213Eddie Lewis/ John Hendley6:50 No drive
1223Martyn Hawkswell/ Ben Cohen6:53 Engine
123H2Dave Lucking/ Olly Lucking7:039:0916:12932
1244Steve Magson/ Malcolm Smithson 7:069:1616:22435
1253Paul Thompson / Josh Davison 6:579:1316:10329
126H2Michael Reed/ John Millington7:059:1016:151033
1272Tony Simpson/ Ian Bevan6:518:5315:44121
128H2Ben Jemison/ Dean Kellett  Retired
1293Scott Renshaw/ Mick Johnson7:159:2616:41543
1301Paddy Homan/ Tom Homan  No cogs in box
1314Peter Outram/ Mick Munday7:349:388:0025:12885
Car 131 Penalty details:- 8:00 for 8:00 early at TC 2A
132H2Richard Lane/ Ben Friend6:489:0015:48723
1333John Hepworth/ Dave Boyes7:359:4117:16952
1343Mike Dowson / Dave Raw7:219:3716:58745
1353Graham Haigh/ Kari Bates7:419:4017:211053
1362Christopher Lawson/ Paul Gribben7:349:3017:04547
1372Aaron McClure/ Simon Taylor7:549:5517:49960
138H2Dave Forrest/ Jamie Forrest  Retired
1394David Rawlings/ Philip Weston7:5810:0618:04664
140H2Nick Welch/ Sam Lucking7:2411:1018:341768
1411Dom Mernock/ John Quinlan8:0110:1918:20266
142H2Terry Wilson/ Tommy Rodgers7:399:391:5019:081973
Car 142 Penalty details:- 0:50 for 5:00 late at MTC 2
1:00 for 1:00 early at ATC 3
143H2Ian Hildreth/ Stephen Stead7:329:551:0018:271667
Car 143 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at ATC 3
1443Nathan Wearden/ Heather Grisedale7:299:4317:12851
1453Keith Turner/ Brian Hodgson7:289:566:0023:241783
Car 145 Penalty details:- 6:00 for 6:00 early at ATC 2
146H2Darren Howard/ Liam Howard8:1710:2318:401869
147H2Phil Thompson / Tom Hughes7:419:5017:311356
1483John Gribbins/ Colin Blunt7:189:2716:45644
1493Mike Stainthorpe/ Martin Cockerill8:2310:1918:421371
150H2John Taylor/ Victoria Cutmore7:4910:0517:541562
1514Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock7:399:4817:27555
1523Tom Henman/ Ashley Young8:0710:002:0020:071679
Car 152 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at ATC 2
1532David Duff/ Richard Hill7:239:4217:05749
154H2Anthony Hanson/ Russell Holdsworth7:169:2416:401142
155H2Christopher Ingram/ Paul Turner7:379:2917:061250
1563Jason Metcalfe/ David Batley8:2010:4631:3050:361886
Car 156 Penalty details:- 30:00 for Missed ATC 1
0:30 for 3:00 late at MTC 2
1:00 for 1:00 early at ATC 3
1573Paul Turton/ John Turton8:4111:0319:441577
1584Charles Wilson/ Maurice Pook8:0210:253:0021:27781
Car 158 Penalty details:- 3:00 for 3:00 early at TC 2A
1592Jason W Simms/ Jake Simms8:3610:5119:271075
1602David Jackson/ Guy Gladwin7:459:5417:39857
161H2Carl Stuttard/ Matt Sample  Retired
1623Stuart Bell/ Joe Bell8:2110:4619:071472
1631Mark Simpson / Julian Floyd 7:5410:080:4018:42370
Car 163 Penalty details:- 0:40 for 4:00 late at MTC 2
1642John Clayton/ Robert Wiggins8:3910:520:1019:411176
Car 164 Penalty details:- 0:10 for 1:00 late at MTC 2
1652Nathan Bolton / Jason mctear   Retired
1661Kaemen Walsh/ Dave Shepherd8:3416:2424:58484
167H2Charlie Blaney/ Adrian Wilford7:579:5617:531461
1684Ian Holt/ Steve Pugh6:589:2016:18334
1692Chris Greenall/ James Greenall7:129:330:2017:05648
Car 169 Penalty details:- 0:20 for 2:00 late at MTC 2
170H1David Vardy/ TBC  Non Starter
1713Alun Pearson/ Simon Brook7:3710:0717:441158
1723Bob Bean/ Colin Captain Thompson8:11 Engine failure
1733John Cooledge/ Laura Cooledge7:4810:1017:581263
174H2Kris Hopkins/ Colin Watson8:4311:1119:542078
175H2Colin Hope/ Nick Patrick7:40 Retired
176H1Stephen Oade/ Joseph Oade8:5311:1520:08180
177H1Stephen Higgins/ Cat Lund9:2712:0721:34282

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Gale Rigg 1
5.95 miles
Stage 2
Cropton 1
8.20 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 7th November 2021 at 17:30 GMT and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course)

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