Car Cls Crew13141516 Penalty Total Cls
21DChris Barette/ Derek Le Bailley3:35.95:04.13:29.85:26.017:35.813
26BPaul Trebert/ Jason Carre3:43.75:20.83:33.75:10.417:48.614
29AStuart Thompson/ Edward Gamble3:41.35:22.6  Retired
34EDavid Longfellow/ Mark Broadbent3:35.35:07.23:27.14:58.517:08.111
35FWD2Joao Rodrigues/ Jordan Neill3:46.15:15.13:31.14:56.917:29.212
46DFrancis Touzel / Matthew Godfrey 3:43.19:00.03:36.75:05.721:25.526
56FWD2Fraser Torode/ Phil Vedier 3:40.75:24.03:30.05:30.218:04.925
57AStephen Higgins/ Cat Lund4:45.67:04.6  Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 13
St John 1
2.92 miles
Stage 14
Rozel 1
4.29 miles
Stage 15
St John 2
2.92 miles
Stage 16
Rozel 2
4.29 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 9th October 2021 at 18:15 BST and were signed by Mark Quayle (Clerk of the Course)

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