Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
15Miles Taylor/ Barry Young8:228:109:299:269:149:0453:4512
25Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster8:438:2410:019:459:39 Misfire
35Michael Glendinning / Kari Bates8:318:039:389:26  Retired
45Nigel Hobson / Tim Hobson       Non-Starter
54Ryan Fagan / Jordan Joines 8:207:549:26   Retired
65Phil Gallagher / Mick Gallagher 8:308:129:419:389:319:1054:4223
72Mat Smith/ Jo Wilkinson 8:328:18    Blown Engine
85Shaun Wilson/ Alisha wilson8:368:1610:099:329:349:0855:1534
94Darren Nugent/ Peter Johnson8:197:599:349:169:068:5753:1111
105Rob Fisher/ Adam Lawrence8:408:1010:15   Retired
114Simon Belcher / Catherine Booth      Non-Starter
123Rob Watson/ Josh Watson8:508:5110:1710:019:559:3957:3316
143Michael Pickles/ Beverley Warren      Non-Starter
153Andrew Smith/ Georgina Smith      Non-Starter
162Joe Pringle/ Thomas Purvin9:248:4710:28   Driveshaft/Gearbox
173Paul Wild/ David Thompson15:008:5610:3210:1710:07 1:00Retired
Car 17 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 6:00 late at MTC1
183Kevin Franks/ Craig Walley9:038:4310:1710:039:599:4057:4528
194Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths8:498:2510:1610:1810:179:5658:01210
204David Cluckie/ Bonnie Papper9:008:3910:2810:209:589:5658:21311
212John Tear/ Ciaran Tear8:578:5410:1910:13  Gearbox
225Andrew Mallinson / Tony Gill8:579:0510:1810:009:559:3657:5169
235Rob Foster/ David Teasdale9:068:4210:0810:109:499:290:1057:3457
Car 23 Penalty details:- 0:10 for 1:00 late at MTC1
242James Crosland/ Jason Metcalfe9:188:4810:2510:109:549:5158:26112
253Steve Oade/ Joe Oade8:598:4910:2410:2610:009:5858:36313
263Adrian Baker/ Andy Falconer8:598:4410:23   Broken Axle
273Geoff Henman/ Tom Henman10:079:4411:3511:0110:5110:331:03:51523
282Jason W Simms/ Jake Simms9:599:3311:2610:5910:4910:431:03:29622
293Stuart Bell/ Stephen Sanderson10:089:0710:4310:1910:109:591:00:26414
301Carl Robson/ David Robinson9:169:1910:1815:0010:0810:291:04:30324
315Pete Robinson/ Richard wood 9:138:289:499:399:289:2956:0645
321Kevin Hullah/ Chris Harding9:599:3711:0911:0410:4710:501:03:26221
332Simon Taylor/ Alex Taylor9:499:2410:56   Exhaust
341Kaemen Walsh/ Gareth Williams9:409:2611:0110:4810:4310:321:02:10116
352Doug Ramsay/ Ewan Bosworth9:479:3011:0310:5410:3510:251:02:14317
362Daniel Sadler / bevan blacker9:269:0110:4010:2410:1010:241:001:01:05215
Car 36 Penalty details:- 1:00 for Jump Start SS5
372Jon Shepherd/ Michael Pears9:429:1311:5710:4010:2910:241:02:25419
381Daniel Poole/ Tbc      Non Starter
391Harry Walshaw/ Russell Thompson12:059:5711:2811:0811:04 Retired
401Jonathan Turnbull/ Neil Rostern9:409:0015:0010:5510:2310:221:05:20425
414Robert Walker/ Corey Powell-Jones10:259:2211:0910:3910:2910:161:02:20418
421Andrew Foster/ Chloe Percival9:329:1510:2710:4210:09 Retired
432Jake Wilson/ Adrian Wilson9:018:4710:2410:16  Head Gasket
442Alan Wilson/ Kev Wilson       Non-Starter
452Edward Keen/ Richard Mark Decosemo10:229:2611:1211:0510:3610:331:03:14520
464Anthony Mark Raylor/ Natasha Marie Raylor9:479:5611:3510:5715:0030:001:27:15527
470David Clucas/ Jason Cornell11:3411:0312:5412:3012:0611:521:11:59126

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.35 miles
Stage 2
7.35 miles
Stage 3
7.86 miles
Stage 4
7.86 miles
Stage 5
7.71 miles
Stage 6
7.71 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 10th April 2022 at 16:00 BST and were signed by Andy Turnbull (Clerk of the Course)

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