Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
1057Mick Johnson/ Peter Pears1:13.51:07.28:00.73:38.50:10.014:09.91496
Car 105 Penalty details:- 0:10 for 1:00 late at TC 2D
1267Mark Walker/ Kevin Leek1:10.31:28.97:26.13:38.513:43.81392
1017Neil Harrison/ Nick Taylor1:10.91:08.47:22.53:38.513:20.31184
1113Allan Smith/ Teresa Butler1:07.61:09.67:22.33:38.513:18.0382
1169Les Allfrey/ Keith Fellowes1:05.91:06.07:26.13:38.513:16.5481
1109Ed Scott/ Martin Lane1:08.31:06.07:22.43:38.513:15.2380
949Darren Knights/ Liam Carfrae1:07.01:05.17:04.43:38.512:55.0275
966Dean Roy Fewings/ Bob Smith1:08.71:06.36:57.43:38.512:50.91274
902David Daniel/ Matt Suttenwood1:03.41:01.76:58.13:38.512:41.7668
837Adam Quinn/ Harry Nicholls1:04.81:02.56:52.53:38.512:38.3767
8210Vince Bristow/ Tim Sayer1:05.51:01.46:52.13:38.512:37.5665
856Sam Cox/ Paul Brown0:59.10:58.66:46.53:38.512:22.7657
1156Paul Richardson/ Fiona Scarrett1:01.01:01.06:28.93:38.512:09.4344
4610Paul Smith/ Dale Bowen0:59.90:58.66:20.63:25.111:44.2232
335Fraser Anderson/ Sinclair Young0:59.00:57.16:09.23:33.111:38.4731
211Steve Finch/ Sam Fordham0:59.00:54.56:22.03:22.611:38.11330
284Martin Hodgson/ Tony Jones0:55.40:52.86:10.03:20.211:18.4523
151Andy Davies/ Rob Fagg0:54.40:55.85:47.83:12.310:50.31010
31Jason Tauber Pritchard/ Phil Clarke0:52.20:52.15:42.33:03.110:29.766
81Garry Pearson/ Dale Furniss0:51.80:50.65:33.33:06.210:21.955
61Ruairi Bell/ Max Freeman0:50.90:49.55:27.83:01.410:09.622
764Dave Jennings/ Jamie Vaughan1:04.61:02.87:13.2 Car won't start
667Chris Woodcock/ Heidi Woodcock1:10.61:06.16:53.8 The tree won!
742David Wood/ Tracy Wood1:01.91:01.2  Retired
794Vince Sillett/ Oliver Matthews1:00.70:58.2  Engine
384Nick Beddoes/ Tom Bishop0:57.90:57.4  Brakes
482Paul Walker/ Steve McNulty0:55.90:55.0  Broken shaft
294Oliver Davies/ Ben Innes0:52.40:52.4  Bent axle
1126Andy Reid/ Alex Reid1:18.7   Engine failure
91Hugh Hunter/ Darren Garrod    Non Starter
407Ashley Davies/ Richard Bonner    Non Starter
197Mark Holmes/ Craig Simkiss    Non Starter
574James Munden/ John Leigh    Non Starter
734Phil Jobson/ Daniel James    Non Starter
71Frank Bird/ TBA    Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Weston Homes 1
0.78 miles
Stage 2
Weston Homes 2
0.78 miles
Stage 3
Cadman Construction 1
6.46 miles
Stage 4
Alcon Brakes 1
3.34 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 24th April 2022 at 19:00 BST and were signed by Gary Nicholls (Clerk of the Course)

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