Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
105Class C3Greg Grant / Iain Macleod1:111:005:108:586:326:1929:10984
102Class C1Tommy Sutherland / Ryan Renwick 1:051:025:097:007:446:3028:30282
88Class M6Derek Duncan/ Adrian Bruce1:021:004:467:066:316:1326:38669
93Class M2Meghan O'Kane/ John O'Kane1:010:594:516:516:195:5825:59462
70Class M4Rhuaridh Campbell/ Shaina Archibald0:560:544:426:306:075:5225:01449
46Class C5Brett Mckenzie/ Jordan Little0:530:504:316:295:545:3424:11337
68Class M2Justin Gunning/ Keith Fair0:540:534:366:075:465:3123:47133
25Class M5Paul Mcerlean/ Niall Mckenna0:520:514:165:535:305:1922:41325
36Class M5David Wilson/ Callum Atkinson0:530:514:165:525:205:1722:29223
28Class M5Thomas Gray/ Dave Robson0:520:514:175:505:175:1522:22121
34Class M7Alexander Vassallo/ Richard Morton Crozier0:500:514:005:325:055:0221:20510
78Class M2Ashleigh Morris/ Martin Haggett0:560:554:466:416:24 Mechanical
79Class H1David McLeod/ Eamonn Boyle1:000:584:556:366:11 Mechanical
52Class C5Scott Macdonald/ Gerry Straube0:570:574:326:235:52 Fire
12Class M7Keith Morris/ Terry Mallin1:050:544:035:445:15 Mechanical
15Class Pro 4John Morrison/ Peter Carstairs0:500:594:2111:00  Mechanical
66Class C3Colin Baxter / Alvin Campbell 0:590:585:167:30  Mechanical
64Class H2Ernie Lee/ Patricia Lee1:010:594:486:36  Mechanical
35Class M2Keith Riddick/ Mairi Riddick0:540:534:246:08  Mechanical
48Class M4Kenny Wood/ Gordon Chalmers0:550:534:14   Off Road
21Class Pro 2Peter Stewart/ Harry Marchbank0:540:525:02   Mechanical
38Class C5Matthew Thomson / Ian Graham0:530:554:46   Mechanical
40Class M4John Crawford/ Karen MacLeod0:550:534:20   Stopped in Stage
43Class M7Robert Thomson/ Kyle Mackintosh0:530:514:18   Mechanical
6Class M7Scott Beattie/ Paula Swinscoe 0:500:503:52   Off Road
97Class C2Andrew Logan/ Calum Fraser0:591:05    Rolled
65Class M5Hamish Grant/ Stewart Hurst0:550:56    Mechanical
44Class M5Brian Ross / Jamie Mactavish0:530:54    Mechanical
84Class C5Orrin McDonnell/ Eoghan Anderson      Non Starter
75Class M2Peter Beaton/ Dean Ross      Mechanical
53Class C5Geoff Goudie/ Christopher Robertson      Non-Starter
57Class C5Mark Shaw/ Stephen Shaw      Non-Starter
81Class M3Kevin Gray/ Daniel Christie       Non-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Cooper Park 1
0.60 miles
Stage 2
Cooper Park 2
0.60 miles
Stage 3
3.73 miles
Stage 4
Ben Aigan
5.47 miles
Stage 5
5.34 miles
Stage 6
Gartly Moor
4.98 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 23rd April 2022 at 18:55 BST and were signed by Neil Shanks (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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