Car Cls CrewMTC
Total Cls
1M1Dan Willan/ Ryan Pickering11
2M3Steve Head/ Iain Tullie12
3M3Jon Dunning/ Ian Canavan23
4M1Darell Staniforth/ Nicky Staniforth24
5M2Paul Crosby/ Ali Procter 15
6M2John Haygarth/ John Youd 26
7M1Stephen G Owens/ Sean Toohey37
8M2Harvey Steele/ Martin Pitt38
9M2Ken Binstead/ Sarah Binstead49
10M1Gareth Hockridge/ Rob Henchoz410
11M3Les Andrew/ Martin Phaff311
12M4Leigh Powley/ Brian Goff112
14M2John Abel/ Andy Pullan513
15M2James Griffiths/ James Howell614
16E4Angus McQueen/ Mike Cochrane115
17E2Philip Wood/ Kelvin Phipps116
18E4Jason Stone/ Dan Stone217
19E2Andrew Johnson/ Dave Boyes218
20E3Roger Fildes/ Julian Broadhurst 119
21E4David Smith/ Norden Lester 320
22E2Jonathan Swales/ Anji Martin321
23E3Martin Oglesby/ John Parker222
24E1Thomas Robinson/ Lynsey Procter 123
25E2Simon Malins/ Suzanne Barker424
26E4David Crooks/ Ian Mitchell425
27E2Bernard J Watkins/ Adam Roper526
28E3Mark Goodwin/ Anthony Davies327
29E3Rich Harrison/ Peter Boyce428
30E4Rod Hanson/ Clare Grove529
31E4Hugh Garnish/ David Bell630
32E2Stanley Graham/ Liz Jordan631
33E2Nuala Dowie/ Kevin Bryant732
34E2Joseph Hardy/ Roger Burkill833
35N2John Fort/ Howard Atkins134
36N1Jeff Wincott/ Anne Tweddell 135
37N2Phil Cheek/ Chris Rhodes236
38N2Paul Heaney/ Sandra Heaney337
39N2Lee Davies/ Richard White438
40N1Andrew Parr/ Robert Funnell239
41N1Michael Jones/ Elizabeth Wakefield340
42N4Neil Raven / Claire Raven 141
43N1Rowena Purdy/ Ric Hands442
44N2John Lythaby / Roger Jenkins 543
45N1Huw Gwyn Jones/ Aled Pennant544
47N2Shaun Mortimer/ Clare Mortimer645
48N1Robert Pigg/ Phillip Dean646
49N2Barry Moore/ William Moore747
50N1Dick Baines/ Harry Baines748

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Thursday 19th May 2022 at 19:00 BST and were signed by Matthew Atkinson (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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