Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Card 1
Total Cls
1M1Dan Willan/ Ryan Pickering4:160:030:030:470:510:386:3811
3M3Jon Dunning/ Ian Canavan4:150:010:010:480:550:406:4012
5M2Paul Crosby/ Ali Procter 4:080:050:010:030:480:530:476:4513
14M2John Abel/ Andy Pullan4:000:030:010:530:570:410:106:4524
Car 14 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Hit cone C - Test 4
12M4Leigh Powley/ Brian Goff4:280:010:010:020:450:520:396:4815
2M3Steve Head/ Iain Tullie4:300:040:040:470:520:406:5726
18E4Jason Stone/ Dan Stone4:110:040:090:060:520:580:407:0017
6M2John Haygarth/ John Youd 4:120:010:290:010:450:500:477:0538
4M1Darell Staniforth/ Nicky Staniforth4:250:070:120:010:460:540:417:0629
10M1Gareth Hockridge/ Rob Henchoz4:450:030:010:010:500:550:467:21310
8M2Harvey Steele/ Martin Pitt4:590:010:020:030:490:560:467:36411
24E1Thomas Robinson/ Lynsey Procter 4:540:020:030:011:000:550:457:40112
15M2James Griffiths/ James Howell4:580:020:040:140:480:520:437:41513
31E4Hugh Garnish/ David Bell5:050:020:030:040:520:540:457:45214
26E4David Crooks/ Ian Mitchell5:010:010:030:010:580:550:487:47315
11M3Les Andrew/ Martin Phaff4:530:010:060:160:490:590:447:48316
25E2Simon Malins/ Suzanne Barker4:520:010:160:010:501:010:557:56117
16E4Angus McQueen/ Mike Cochrane4:390:030:390:020:490:540:507:56418
9M2Ken Binstead/ Sarah Binstead4:510:010:240:050:520:590:500:108:12619
Car 9 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Hit cone D - Test 3
23E3Martin Oglesby/ John Parker4:520:270:020:050:541:010:518:12120
28E3Mark Goodwin/ Anthony Davies5:270:070:020:510:580:558:20221
40N1Andrew Parr/ Robert Funnell5:070:180:120:011:011:020:508:31122
19E2Andrew Johnson/ Dave Boyes5:300:020:340:010:530:520:488:40223
33E2Nuala Dowie/ Kevin Bryant5:280:160:140:150:500:580:488:49324
30E4Rod Hanson/ Clare Grove5:280:010:330:190:560:580:469:01525
32E2Stanley Graham/ Liz Jordan5:370:320:160:581:110:519:25426
27E2Bernard J Watkins/ Adam Roper5:510:110:150:030:581:100:520:109:30527
Car 27 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Failed to stop astride cone C - Test 4
21E4David Smith/ Norden Lester 6:360:020:190:571:030:599:56628
29E3Rich Harrison/ Peter Boyce6:340:060:240:060:550:570:5810:00329
45N1Huw Gwyn Jones/ Aled Pennant6:340:200:050:581:031:0110:01230
38N2Paul Heaney/ Sandra Heaney6:480:030:260:020:541:010:5710:11131
7M1Stephen G Owens/ Sean Toohey5:040:050:010:521:003:000:1010:12432
Car 7 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Failed to stop astride cone C - Test 4
49N2Barry Moore/ William Moore6:590:020:360:050:520:540:4510:13233
42N4Neil Raven / Claire Raven 7:380:120:020:460:530:4310:14134
22E2Jonathan Swales/ Anji Martin7:230:030:020:010:571:000:5310:19635
35N2John Fort/ Howard Atkins7:260:060:100:010:570:540:5210:26336
41N1Michael Jones/ Elizabeth Wakefield7:160:020:070:011:001:101:0310:39337
39N2Lee Davies/ Richard White7:330:130:410:190:480:500:5111:15438
34E2Joseph Hardy/ Roger Burkill8:250:070:090:070:490:560:5211:25739
43N1Rowena Purdy/ Ric Hands7:070:170:460:061:021:091:210:1011:58440
Car 43 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Hit cone B - Test 4
50N1Dick Baines/ Harry Baines6:360:321:292:440:530:590:5614:09541
37N2Phil Cheek/ Chris Rhodes11:030:080:030:021:001:081:040:1014:38542
Car 37 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Hit cone C - Test 5
47N2Shaun Mortimer/ Clare Mortimer9:090:310:340:381:311:211:1214:56643
20E3Roger Fildes/ Julian Broadhurst 12:530:050:200:010:510:540:5115:55444
48N1Robert Pigg/ Phillip Dean11:240:111:000:031:121:173:0018:07645
36N1Jeff Wincott/ Anne Tweddell 11:361:551:061:070:490:560:5018:19746
44N2John Lythaby / Roger Jenkins 2:35:420:171:260:241:001:131:012:41:03747

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Test 3
Dale Park 1
0.30 miles
Test 4
Dale Park 2
0.30 miles
Test 5
Dale Park 3
0.30 miles

These results became Final on Thursday 19th May 2022 at 19:00 BST and were signed by Matthew Atkinson (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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