Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
1361Kenny Watt/ Fraser Mccurdie 1:151:163:476:184120
1334Steven Black/ Connor McIntyre Gardiner1:141:163:476:174119
1189Donald McEwan/ Ellis Flemming1:141:143:456:1311117
1115Ernie Lee/ Patricia Lee1:131:083:406:018113
1033Robert Proudlock/ Lewis MacDougall1:351:033:055:4312103
588Peter Jackson / Paula Swinscoe0:590:563:475:4212100
1193Nikki Addison/ Rachel Matheson1:051:073:205:321094
1306David Mclachlan / Adam Mclachlan1:051:043:225:31992
923Fraser smith / Martin Maccabe1:151:053:095:29889
1213Meghan O'Kane/ John O'Kane 1:081:103:115:29788
858Martin Page/ Daniel Hurst1:041:053:135:221185
893Duncan MacLean / Chris Pedley1:021:053:105:17576
1026Richard Stewart/ Carin Tait-Logan1:030:593:155:17777
1176Jonathan Davies/ Wayne Jones1:001:003:145:14671
3110Kevin Crawford / Andrew Stevenson1:001:003:105:101666
717Antony Allery/ Mark Runciman1:010:573:105:08662
709Jordan Anderson/ Lewis Griffiths1:021:003:055:07458
1005Stephen Hunter/ Craig Forsyth1:031:003:045:07159
399Keir Beaton/ Iain Thorburn0:590:583:065:03353
5711Chris Ford/ Matt Daniels0:580:573:024:571944
2911Robert Adamson/ Mark Fisher0:540:522:544:401829
3010Mark Holmes/ Mark Perryman0:540:562:474:37824
3810Gordon Cunningham/ Charley Sayer-Payne0:550:552:424:32621
14311James Ford/ Tony Edwards0:530:512:404:241113
910Wayne Sisson/ Peredur Davies0:530:522:374:22210
611Steve Wood/ Dale Bowen0:520:512:364:1988
411Mark Kelly/ Will Atkins0:500:492:274:0611
1127John Procter/ Robbie Vermeersch1:201:19 1:003:3917127
Car 112 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at ATC 3
179Barry Groundwater/ Martin Forrest0:54  Hitting fence
1232Tom Howie/ Morgan Redpath   Retired
1321Mark Simpson / Joanna wilkinson    Non-Starter
693Tim Johnson/ Tony Walker   Non-Starter
913Drew Barker/ Shona Hale   Non-Starter
3510Michael Renton/ John Shepheard   Non-Starter
969Martin crombie/ Charles Mackenzie   Non-Starter
7510Tommy Graham / Mark Pickering    Non-Starter
5110Lee Hastings/ Cole Hastings   Non-Starter
829Sandy Arbuthnott / Ian Arbuthnott    Non-Starter
548Martin Hodgson/ Tony Jones   Non-Starter
846Richard Egger/ Pat Egger   Non-Starter
2410Richard Clews/ Carl Williamson   Non-Starter
1269Stuart Baillie/ TBC   Non-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Dunoon 1
0.72 miles
Stage 2
Dunoon 2
0.72 miles
Stage 3
2.52 miles

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