Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
291Aidan Gregory/ Emma Cooper12:308:548:478:406:496:3252:12128
441Mark Johnson/ Steven Butler9:5510:019:219:117:157:071:0053:50229
Car 44 Penalty details:- 1:00 for Jump Start SS1
Class 2
92Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge7:467:427:127:115:475:3641:1417
112Mark Shaw/ James Coxon8:178:037:327:316:005:5043:13213
312Mick Smith/ Paul Michael Stringer8:348:437:527:496:146:0945:21314
242Roger Haycocks/ Tom Bishop9:148:458:098:026:186:1346:41417
352George Clarke/ David Matthew Vardy9:008:508:168:206:266:0847:00518
372John Clayton / Robert Wiggins9:198:468:158:126:216:1947:12621
392Gary Jones/ Matthew Jones 10:089:158:508:296:506:4550:17723
402Chris Marlow/ Dave Shepherd9:509:288:538:566:596:5250:58824
382Christian Brown/ Colin Stephens10:369:429:148:536:556:4252:02926
332Mark Gellatly / Ian Clapham12:309:138:458:346:396:2252:031027
452Dave Head/ Callum Young11:1610:339:529:577:267:2456:281130
Class 3
213Ian Holt/ Tom Woodburn8:067:457:137:095:355:3241:2018
163Dave Lewis / Brian Stubbs 8:137:557:327:255:485:4442:37210
273Bonamy Grimes/ Patrick Walsh8:277:597:267:265:495:4642:53311
253Carl Stuttard/ Josh Davison9:008:448:097:566:116:1046:10415
343Guy Butler/ Florence Butler9:008:518:178:136:206:2547:06519
303Paul Gorge/ Harriet Worth8:589:358:1010:576:186:1250:10622
433Steve Dolman/ Julia Perry10:269:429:108:586:476:3851:41725
Class 4
104Mike Wolff/ Mark Twiname7:437:377:147:035:385:3140:4615
234Anthony Hanson/ Brad Sowerby7:517:387:1612:306:085:4647:09220
Class 5
15Arron Newby/ Jamie Edwards7:126:596:366:285:065:0237:2311
35Michael O'Brien/ Giles Dykes7:157:166:396:395:165:0838:1322
45John McIlwraith/ Heather Grisedale7:347:286:586:595:425:2940:1033
85Steven Ormond-Smith/ Simon Jones7:517:337:107:075:305:2440:3544
75Darren Martin/ Daniel Hurst7:578:017:157:045:335:1941:0956
65Martin Craik/ June Wallace7:567:447:167:155:395:3241:2269
205Ian ( Sid ) Ring/ Paul Vasey8:168:057:367:275:525:4443:00712
465Stephen James Phillips / Dylan Bargate9:278:427:598:016:166:0946:34816
55Tom McKeown/ Neil Thomas12:3030:0030:007:085:385:261:30:42931

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.77 miles
Stage 2
6.77 miles
Stage 3
6.12 miles
Stage 4
6.12 miles
Stage 5
5.05 miles
Stage 6
5.05 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 3rd July 2022 at 16:50 BST and were signed by Roger Fisher (Clerk of the Course)

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