Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
17SEDaniel Petrie/ Ryan Taylor8:247:412:3418:39111
19EChris Langthorne / Ashley Young8:217:282:2718:1616
20SEJames Durkin / James McGough 8:397:492:3419:02219
22NTony Clements/ Louise Clements8:52  0:20Gearbox
Car 22 Penalty details:- 0:20 for Hit Cone Test 1
24ERob Fields/ Andy Fields8:237:542:3418:51416
48SESimon Bailey/ Daryl Bailey10:4810:302:510:2024:29737
Car 48 Penalty details:- 0:20 for Wrong Side Test 3
60NGary Dixon/ Micheal Connell9:078:432:460:3021:06331
Car 60 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Stop Astride Test 1

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Test 1
Shackletons 1
3.60 miles
Test 2
Long Way Around
3.50 miles
Test 3
Cookes Barns 1
0.95 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 31st July 2022 at 17:50 BST and were signed by Paul Rees (Clerk of the Course)

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