Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
16Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster8:258:017:0623:3246
25Steve Hopewell/ Mike Smith8:137:559:1925:27316
36Steven Ormond-Smith/ Lucy Ward8:307:577:0423:3135
46julian hope/ reg smith7:517:346:5222:1711
56Keith Richardson/ Jackie Richardson 8:007:536:5122:4422
65Wayne Thomas/ Darrel Thomas 8:168:327:17Retired
75Mike Taylor/ Louise Gilks8:107:486:5622:5413
85Ryan Fagan/ Jordan Joines8:037:52 Gearbox Issues
95David Cluckie/ Ealish Baxter8:488:397:4025:07212
103John Deegan / Pauline merrills8:2813:007:2928:571336
114James Slaughter/ Terry Martin8:117:557:0523:1114
125Cathy Sewart/ Colin Stephens13:0030:007:2750:27540
145Richard Cookson/ Andrew Gardner11:438:237:2427:30433
154 Kevin Jeffray/ Bonnie Papper9:148:407:3825:32417
166Steve Kenyon/ Jonathan Cragg8:258:097:1423:4857
174Dick Slaughter/ Tim Sayer8:538:387:4825:19314
183Louis Baines/ Kris Coombes8:508:377:2824:55110
192Adam Philpotts/ Sion Rowlands8:458:177:3024:3219
204John morris / John Paul morris9:028:487:5425:44518
212Rob Jones/ Chris Cooke9:068:467:5225:44519
224Liam Howard/ Mathew Faulkner   Non-Starter
232Andrew Benson/ Mark Davenport 9:008:38 Engine Issues
242Bruce Lindsay/ Ella Tyson 8:428:387:52Retired
254David Gratrix/ Iain Reece8:338:117:2224:0628
263brian cartwright/ Anthony cartwright    Non Starter
272Stephen Terry/ David Terry9:018:387:3325:12313
283Mark Livesey/ Graham Brown12:369:058:0929:501438
293Mick Smith/ Paul Michael Stringer9:038:487:5625:47220
303Gordon Davies/ Tina Horsefield9:229:058:1326:40726
313George Clarke/ Liam Andrew Whiteley9:23  Gearbox Failure
323Guy Butler/ Florence Butler9:239:068:1326:42827
332Darren Roberts / Dale Gabbert 8:478:357:3624:58211
343Mark Gellatly/ Ian Clapham9:228:588:0526:25524
352stephen higgins/ LEE RAMSDEN9:439:218:1627:20630
363Adam Fern/ Emma Cooper9:2113:008:0030:211539
373John Clayton / Robert Wiggins9:189:088:0626:32625
383Mark Booth/ Ashley Kennell9:279:58 Clutch Failure
397Dominic mctear / Jason Mctear9:119:018:0926:21122
403Keith Bounds/ Kevin Watkins9:429:238:2027:251232
413Matt Chapman / Jack Morris9:519:038:0026:54928
422Kaemen walsh / Gareth williams13:0030:0030:001:13:00841
433Mark Norwood/ Carl Norwood9:439:398:2027:421642
443Christian Brown/ Harriet Worth 9:149:157:5426:23423
452Hazel Johnson/ Steven Butler9:459:368:1827:39734
467Bill Douglas/ Dave Barratt9:399:278:3427:40235
471David Clucas/ Jess Quirk10:3010:079:0529:42137
483Wesley Gilford/ Andrew Millington 9:329:198:0927:001029
493Gary Alan Jones/ Mathew Thomas Jones9:259:268:3227:231131
502Adam Bickley / Clive Jones 9:018:407:4325:24415
513Graham Chesters/ Zoe Irvine9:129:028:0226:16321
523Gary Alan Jones/ Mathew Thomas Jones   Non Starter
532Adam Bickley / Clive Jones    Non Starter
543Graham Chesters/ Zoe Irvine   Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.50 miles
Stage 2
6.50 miles
Stage 3
5.80 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 7th August 2022 at 17:20 BST and were signed by Steven Kenyon (Clerk of the Course)

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