Car Cls Crew Car Total
Diff from
Diff from
car ahead
46julian hope/ reg smithproton iriz R57:5111
56Keith Richardson/ Jackie Richardson Ford Escort Cosworth8:0022+0:09+0:09
75Mike Taylor/ Louise GilksTalbot Sunbeam Lotus8:1013+0:19+0:10
114James Slaughter/ Terry MartinFord Escort RS18008:1114+0:20+0:01
25Steve Hopewell/ Mike SmithFord Escort8:1325+0:22+0:02
65Wayne Thomas/ Darrel Thomas Darrian GTR8:1636+0:25+0:03
16Dave Hornbrook/ Ann ForsterMitsubishi Evo 78:2537+0:34+0:09
166Steve Kenyon/ Jonathan CraggMitsubishi Lancer EVO 58:2548+0:34
103John Deegan / Pauline merrillsSubaru Justy8:2819+0:37+0:03
36Steven Ormond-Smith/ Lucy WardMitsubishi Evo IX8:30510+0:39+0:02
254David Gratrix/ Iain ReeceRenault Clio8:33211+0:42+0:03
242Bruce Lindsay/ Ella Tyson Ford Fiesta8:42112+0:51+0:09
192Adam Philpotts/ Sion RowlandsNissan Micra8:45213+0:54+0:03
332Darren Roberts / Dale Gabbert Vauxhall Nova Sr8:47314+0:56+0:02
95David Cluckie/ Ealish BaxterBMW 3258:48415+0:57+0:01
183Louis Baines/ Kris CoombesPeugeot 1068:50216+0:59+0:02
174Dick Slaughter/ Tim SayerFord Escort RS20008:53317+1:02+0:03
272Stephen Terry/ David TerryNissan Micra9:01418+1:10+0:08
502Adam Bickley / Clive Jones MG ZR9:01519+1:10
204John morris / John Paul morrisFord Escort 9:02420+1:11+0:01
293Mick Smith/ Paul Michael Stringerbmw mini copper9:03321+1:12+0:01
212Rob Jones/ Chris CookeFord Fiesta9:06622+1:15+0:03
397Dominic mctear / Jason MctearMgzr 1609:11123+1:20+0:05
513Graham Chesters/ Zoe IrvineTalbot Sunbeam9:12424+1:21+0:01
154 Kevin Jeffray/ Bonnie PapperToyota Corolla T Sport9:14525+1:23+0:02
443Christian Brown/ Harriet Worth Mini Cooper One (Mini Challenge Specification)9:14526+1:23
373John Clayton / Robert WigginsMini Cooper9:18627+1:27+0:04
363Adam Fern/ Emma CooperMini Cooper9:21728+1:30+0:03
303Gordon Davies/ Tina HorsefieldMini Cooper9:22829+1:31+0:01
343Mark Gellatly/ Ian ClaphamMini Cooper9:22930+1:31
323Guy Butler/ Florence ButlerMINI Cooper9:231031+1:32+0:01
493Gary Alan Jones/ Mathew Thomas JonesMini Cooper9:251132+1:34+0:02
483Wesley Gilford/ Andrew Millington Mini Cooper9:321233+1:41+0:07
467Bill Douglas/ Dave BarrattVolvo 244 GL9:39234+1:48+0:07
403Keith Bounds/ Kevin WatkinsMini Cooper9:421335+1:51+0:03
352stephen higgins/ LEE RAMSDENMINI COOPER9:43736+1:52+0:01
433Mark Norwood/ Carl NorwoodMini Cooper9:431437+1:52
452Hazel Johnson/ Steven ButlerNissan Micra9:45838+1:54+0:02
413Matt Chapman / Jack Morrismini cooper9:511539+2:00+0:06
471David Clucas/ Jess QuirkNissan Micra10:30140+2:39+0:39
145Richard Cookson/ Andrew GardnerFord Escort MK211:43541+3:52+1:13
283Mark Livesey/ Graham BrownMINI Cooper12:361642+4:45+0:53
125Cathy Sewart/ Colin StephensTalbot Sunbeam Lotus13:00643+5:09+0:24
422Kaemen walsh / Gareth williamsMg Zr13:00944+5:09
These Competitors have only reached SF 1
85Ryan Fagan/ Jordan JoinesFord Escort8:03745+0:12
232Andrew Benson/ Mark Davenport MG ZR9:001046+1:09+0:57
313George Clarke/ Liam Andrew WhiteleyMini Cooper9:231747+1:32+0:23
383Mark Booth/ Ashley Kennellhillman avenger9:271848+1:36+0:04

These results became Final on Sunday 7th August 2022 at 17:20 BST and were signed by Steven Kenyon (Clerk of the Course)

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