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7Class 4Aled Morgans / Mark RodwayFord Escort mk2 17:3311
3Class 4Gary Thomas/ Christopher WaltonFord Escort17:3822+0:05+0:05
4Class 4Geoff Jones/ Kaz JenkinsVauxhall Chevette17:5033+0:17+0:12
11Class 5Kevin kerr/ Daniel JonesFord Escort17:5614+0:23+0:06
6Class 3Len jones/ Don JamesFord Escort17:5615+0:23
10Class 3Iwan Roberts Jnr/ Steve GriffithFord Escort G318:1826+0:45+0:22
12Class 4Adam Williams/ Rachael AthertonSubaru Impreza18:3047+0:57+0:12
24Class 4Carl Lumb/ Al Haywardsubaru Impreza18:5258+1:19+0:22
30Class 5Richard Owen Morgan/ Denise ConradFord Escort mk2 18:5529+1:22+0:03
19Class 4Sion Ellis/ Iwan ThomasSubaru Impreza WRX18:59610+1:26+0:04
13Class 1Gareth Roberts/ Stephen SouthallCitroen AX GTI19:19111+1:46+0:20
20Class 3Mark Fisher/ Peter SpaldingFord Escort19:29312+1:56+0:10
25Class 3Eddie Blackwell / Josh JonesSubaru Impreza19:44413+2:11+0:15
15Class 4Craig Kennedy/ Jonathon KennedySubaru Impreza19:53714+2:20+0:09
29Class 5Malcolm Atherton/ Jamie AthertonFord Escort MK220:00315+2:27+0:07
27Class 3Jonathan Whalley/ Peter DennisFord Escort MK220:24516+2:51+0:24
21Class 3Arwel Jones/ Dave PritchardFord Escort20:24617+2:51
23Class 4Michael Stanley/ Aaron BimblecombeSubaru Impreza 20:39818+3:06+0:15
39Class 2Thomas Adams/ Lewis PemblePeugeot 205 XS20:44119+3:11+0:05
31Class 6Gordon Davies/ Tina HorsefieldMini Cooper20:55120+3:22+0:11
28Class 3Trevor Groves/ sion rowlandsporsche 92421:09721+3:36+0:14
35Class 6Mark Gellatly/ Ian ClaphamMini Cooper21:21222+3:48+0:12
22Class 3Keith Anglesea/ Christine PearsonBMW Compact21:37823+4:04+0:16
34Class 6Mark Livesey/ Graham BrownMini Cooper21:39324+4:06+0:02
8Class 4Berwyn Evans/ Mari Haf EvansFord Escort21:48925+4:15+0:09
18Class 1Martyn Quant/ Chris Sbardun Evans Vauxhall Corsa21:52226+4:19+0:04
32Class 6Gary Jones / Matthew JonesMini Cooper21:53427+4:20+0:01
36Class 6Keith Bounds/ Kevin WatkinsMini Cooper21:56528+4:23+0:03
38Class 1Leighton Escott / Ifan DevineVauxhall Corsa22:06329+4:33+0:10
37Class 4Andrew Norris/ Hollie Leigh Norris Bmw Compact22:091030+4:36+0:03
41Class 1Alexander Jerrom/ Karen PhelpsNissan Micra24:24431+6:51+2:15
40Class 1Graham Bartl/ Jennifer BartlPeugeot 20624:54532+7:21+0:30
43Class 1Kirk Zammit/ Sophie LandenNissan MIcra25:03633+7:30+0:09
42Class 1Olly Lloyd/ Daniel NierodaNissan Micra25:17734+7:44+0:14
44Class 1Giovana Braia/ Christopher DaviesNissan Micra25:44835+8:11+0:27

These results became Final on Sunday 21st August 2022 at 16:50 BST and were signed by Emyr Hall (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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