Car Cls CrewTotal
111213141516 Penalty Total Cls
44B11Josh Evans/ Tony Edwards1:27:1816:0045:0025:0040:007:3714:1711:004:06:12749
Car 44 Penalty details:- 11:00 for 11:00 early at TC 15
41B12Paul Jenkins/ Lewis Griffiths 1:03:358:3915:225:5414:088:1115:372:11:26336
26H2Stuart Egglestone/ Brian Hodgson54:107:1813:425:0411:267:0613:191:52:05111
17B14Maxx Bradshaw/ Liam Andrew Whiteley52:226:4312:295:3012:376:2812:441:48:5318
20H3Rob Smith/ Alun Cook55:356:5713:054:4611:046:51 Retired
46B10John Tear/ Robert Turton1:58:087:2613:3810:00   Retired
65B14William Root/ Colin Watson1:06:168:2915:436:05   Suspension
23B10Dai Roberts/ Pete phennah 1:40:457:1413:55    Oil Pressure
56B11Antony Allery/ Jack Corlett1:04:207:2915:37    Electrical misfire
67B9Jake clague / Gavin clague 1:01:437:5714:31    Retired
33H3Baz Jordan/ Arwel Jenkins59:047:3514:26    Retired
27B13Chris Simmons/ Andrew Moss55:187:1813:45    Puncture
68N1Harry ackers/ Luke Collins 2:03:008:42     Snapped shaft & broken bottom arm
25B13William Gary Leece/ SARAH JANE COOLE1:50:297:14     Gearbox failure
15B11Martyn Jones/ Martin Burns51:516:58     Retired
31B11Matt Pierce/ Jez Rogers55:41      Steering arm
80B10Mick Smith/ paul stringer53:27      Retired
61B11Ricky Crone/ Ifan Devine52:24      Stub axle broke
69B11Gregory Pye/ Ken Cottee51:02      Retired
12B11Rory McCann/ Paul McCann49:04      Retired
77B10Peter Harrison/ Nigel Morris44:06      Engine damage due to ingress from ford
49H3Tony Shields / Barrie Ford 41:59      Electrical issue
34R5Chris Ford/ Matt Daniels41:21      Retired
32B11Oliver Hunter/ Daniel May40:23      Co-driver back injury
7R5Andrew Purcell/ Andy Hayes35:17      Retired
19B13Brad Cole/ Jamie Vaughan25:02      Alternator
18H3Will Onions/ Dave Williams5:32      Holed radiator
4B15Mark Kelly/ Neil Colman4:47      Retired
60B10Kyle Casement/ Liam McCann      Retired
5R5Hugh Hunter/ TBA      Non-Starter
24R5Mark Holmes/ Mark Perryman      Non-Starter
42R2Ian Chadwick/ TBA      Non-Starter
70B14Nathan bolton/ Tbc      Non Starter
57B10Michael McKenna / Stephen Christian       Non-Starter
73B11Kevin Jeffray/ Bonnie Papper      Non-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 11
St Marks 1
7.31 miles
Stage 12
Roundtable 1
13.58 miles
Stage 13
Staarvey 1
4.88 miles
Stage 14
Little London 1
11.53 miles
Stage 15
St Marks 2
7.31 miles
Stage 16
Roundtable 2
13.58 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 1st October 2022 at 15:55 BST and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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