Car Cls CrewTotal
Leg 1
789101112 Penalty Total Cls
124H5Danny Cowell/ Mark Standen48:29.716:45.58:32.516:23.08:26.75:10.74:49.01:48:37.1261
5EAndy Davies/ Michael Gilbey49:03.514:14.17:30.114:01.47:22.84:20.74:50.41:41:23.01434
19DBilly Bird/ Plug Pulleyn40:33.714:53.27:53.014:46.97:50.04:39.04:16.21:34:52.0314
149AGraham Millar/ Ian McRae2:12:52.016:45.510:52.417:05.010:23.16:35.36:18.83:20:52.111113
22EJohn Morrison/ Peter Carstairs1:22:14.215:24.97:48.414:54.47:58.34:57.84:31.12:17:49.129112
134H3Drew Struthers/ Fiona Moir57:02.716:45.59:08.117:05.09:14.65:35.55:43.22:00:34.63111
136CAndrew Moverley / Ted Runciman54:24.716:45.59:07.917:05.09:13.35:32.05:38.71:57:47.139110
107H4Hugo MacMillan/ Arthur MacMillan49:07.616:45.58:42.316:35.38:37.74:58.44:44.81:49:31.63109
79EMartin Crombie/ Charlie Mackenzie46:42.316:45.58:14.116:02.08:09.44:55.54:41.61:45:30.428108
133BTom Howie/ Mike Mackenzie 45:08.915:45.38:18.415:34.98:25.95:07.54:45.01:43:05.915107
62DBen Smith/ Christian Smith42:23.914:30.28:04.614:32.79:08.54:38.84:23.01:37:41.78106
66EDaniel Simcock/ Mark Runciman42:33.414:47.27:42.414:49.47:50.34:37.04:22.91:36:42.627105
10EFergus Barlow/ Craig Barlow39:54.813:41.17:18.313:36.37:26.94:27.44:06.71:30:31.526104
143BJamie Maclean/ Darren Clark48:58.316:45.58:45.416:43.99:21.69:00.0 Retired
127DHamish Grant/ Stewart Hurst52:02.916:45.58:41.617:05.08:48.26:06.0 Off Road
8EJonathan Mounsey/ Richard Wardle37:36.213:27.97:08.313:13.87:04.94:06.3 Off Road
109H1Jim Brindle/ Paul Whittaker52:59.416:45.514:00.017:05.010:28.3  Retired
38EDarren Thompson / Kyle Livingstone42:31.814:32.37:31.214:16.47:31.7  Gearbox
108BJohn Deegan/ Colin Blunt2:14:25.516:45.58:43.916:11.9   Engine Blown
89BNeil Thompson/ Martin Macdonald 51:12.716:45.514:00.017:12.8   Lack of Lube
111BLouis Baines/ Kris Coombes46:58.116:45.58:29.217:05.0   Retired
9DJames MacGillivray/ Kerrie MacGillivray47:34.313:47.17:27.214:37.1   Off Road
150ACameron Fair/ Jonathan MacDonald2:34:37.816:45.57:53.417:05.0   Off Through Wall
151CScott Paterson/ Lee Kellar47:47.016:45.58:12.8    Off Road
51CJames Hall/ Caroline Lodge45:20.818:32.58:34.0    Mechanical
53AStewart Dodds/ Mark McPherson45:22.815:08.37:56.9    Retired
63ETommy Graham / Mark Pickering 44:25.315:35.38:10.2    Fire on Stop Line
61AMark Constantine/ Andrew Constantine42:52.115:02.37:52.5    Halfshaft
35CCameron MacLean/ Allan Macdougall41:58.015:01.68:31.9    Clutch
100BDan Sedgwick / Sam Ambler2:34:23.716:45.5     Gearbox
47BAlly Currie/ Alex Hill1:25:11.616:21.5     Gearbox
154DPaul Miller/ Mark Twiname44:45.120:57.2     1:05:42.39114
80CKevin Gray / Clare Mackenzie 11:08.818:51.4     Gearbox
36EJoe McKeand/ Ian Murray47:49.4      Did not start Leg 2
112ETommy Boylan/ Weazel Currie46:14.5      Hit Telegraph Pole
11EGordon Morrison/ Hannah McKillop41:04.8      Mechanical
27EJohn Rintoul/ Ross Hynd40:58.0      Water Pump Belt
18EAlistair Inglis/ Colin Inglis40:45.4      OTL
73EAlistair Dalgliesh/ David Dalgliesh44:54.7      ECU Electrical
15EScott MacBeth/ Neil Shanks31:28.1      Hit Bank
135H4Malcolm Davey/ Paul Slingsby26:31.8      Retired
98ECraig Callander/ Ross Callander23:52.4      Off Road
55ELee Hastings/ Cole Hastings23:30.5      Fire on Stop Line
59EBilly McLelland/ John Wood22:32.5      Big Mechanical
21COliver Benton / Brian Hodgson14:04.0      Off Road
50BWilliam A. Fleming/ Mark Thurley12:50.1      Fuel Pump
104CGeorge Merrills/ Callum Young10:45.5      Off Road
69DDave Thwaites/ Tony Edwards10:13.6      Off Road
4DCalum Duffy/ Iain Duffy1:54.0      Electrical
88EDrew Gallagher / David Crosbie 1:20.3      Stopped in Stage
40DKeir Beaton/ Iain Thorburn      Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 7
Loch Tuath / Hill Road 1
14.69 miles
Stage 8
Achnadrish 1
6.64 miles
Stage 9
Loch Tuath / Hill Road 2
14.69 miles
Stage 10
Achnadrish 2
6.64 miles
Stage 11
Ben More 1
4.44 miles
Stage 12
Scridain 1
4.31 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 16th October 2022 at 09:00 BST and were signed by Richard Crozier (Clerk of the Course)

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