Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
15Andy Rowe/ Cat Lund10:039:3510:1610:0013:2013:0810:5310:491:28:0422
25Dave Welch/ Andy Smith10:11       Bottom Joint
35Craig Renshaw/ Steven renshaw        Non Starter
45Scott Renshaw/ Mick Jonson 10:089:5110:0910:0413:1813:0310:3710:321:27:4211
55Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster11:0110:2710:5410:4414:2214:1011:2511:311:34:3444
65Jonathan Lightbody/ Dane Chapman10:109:5410:2810:2213:2813:1911:0311:041:29:4833
74Shaun Weston/ Jack Nottingham 15:3710:1111:0710:5414:2514:15  Retired
85Wayne Larbalestier/ Archie Larbalestier11:0410:1717:0011:0214:4217:0014:30 Retired
94Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths11:2817:0011:4511:4415:0314:4112:1212:031:45:56413
103Nick Taylor/ Ross Hammond11:34       Loss of propulsion
114Peter Outram/ Mick Munday11:3411:1011:4211:4715:0114:5412:2612:241:40:5818
124Craig Burgess/ Dale Burgess11:4911:1511:3611:3615:2515:1412:2612:421:42:0329
144Anthony Raylor/ Natasha Raylor12:2411:2416:5011:5015:50   0:10Burst Water Pipe
Car 14 Penalty details:- 0:10 for 1:00 late at ATC 1
153Harry Raylor / Kieran Ledger        0:20Lost all drive, diff gone
Car 15 Penalty details:- 0:20 for 2:00 late at ATC 1
163Tom Henman/ Ash Young 12:1514:0817:00     Keeps Cutting Out
173Richard Warne/ Chris Deal11:1610:5311:2311:2415:1114:4412:1812:281:39:3716
181Paddy Homan/ Tom Homan17:0010:3811:2711:1614:5214:4812:2312:491:45:13112
192Doug Ramsay/ Ewan Bosworth12:1911:2812:1212:0016:1015:4313:0314:300:301:47:55318
Car 19 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Hitting stage furniture SS6
204Mr Charles Wilson/ Maurice Pook11:5511:0811:4211:3615:4317:0014:3012:561:46:30515
213Geoff Henman/ Steve Hancock13:2512:0813:0612:5317:0016:3413:3913:301:52:15421
221Kevin Hullah/ Chris Harding12:0411:5112:2212:1416:1015:5413:0012:501:46:25214
232Jason Simms/ Jake Simms11:4510:5811:5212:2216:1716:0012:5112:521:44:57210
242Tony Cawthorne / Ian Clapham12:0912:0412:1912:2216:3516:2313:1013:161:48:18419
253James Easson/ Jack Hall11:2610:5011:1912:3114:5014:4412:3712:271:40:4427
264Glyn Lyons/ Joseph Pattison 11:5010:5711:4111:4017:0017:0012:3512:241:45:07311
271George Morrison/ Jon Quintrell        Non-Starter
282Matt Chapman/ Kevin Ablitt11:4610:5111:32     Retired
293David Large/ David Ottoway12:3812:08      Half Shaft
304Bill Douglas/ Dave Barratt12:3511:4012:2812:5316:1617:0013:4613:431:50:21620
313Stephen Shephard / Jess Shephard12:0511:1912:3012:5316:0616:0013:2412:561:47:13317
325Paul Hulston/ Gareth Bent12:5511:4412:5912:5317:00   0:30In a ditch
Car 32 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Hitting stage furniture SS4
331Jonathan Bray/ Freddy Hewitt12:2111:4312:1612:5316:1115:4912:5312:411:46:47316
392James Crosland/ Corey Powell-Jones 11:0010:4011:1611:0514:4014:4012:1012:051:37:3615
1016Richard Mark Lane/ George Russell kirby11:2711:02      Disqualified for wrong direction on a stage
1026David Kirby / Ben Kirby11:3010:4911:1712:5314:5114:4611:5311:56Retired
1036Edward Welham / Stuart Rodd12:2513:1217:0012:5315:4615:2812:3414:30Retired
1046Antony Allery/ tba        Non-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
8.90 miles
Stage 2
8.90 miles
Stage 3
8.50 miles
Stage 4
8.50 miles
Stage 5
8.90 miles
Stage 6
8.90 miles
Stage 7
7.20 miles
Stage 8
7.20 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 22nd October 2022 at 17:45 BST and were signed by Lee Burgess (Clerk of the Course)

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