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These Competitors have only reached SF 4
1UpperJock Armstrong/ Cameron FairSubaru Impreza47:3911
19UpperBrendan Cumiskey / Martin ConnollyVW Polo GTI R548:2922+0:50+0:50
5UpperRuss Thompson/ Stephen LinkMitsubishi EVO 9 48:4233+1:03+0:13
11UpperAngus Lawrie/ Paul GribbenMitsubishi Evo 949:1444+1:35+0:32
9UpperVivian Hamill/ Lorcan MooreVW POLO R550:1055+2:31+0:56
10UpperCharles Payne / Carl WilliamsonFord Fiesta Rally250:4666+3:07+0:36
55Upper MiddleShane Mcgirr / Denver RaffertyLada Riva50:4917+3:10+0:03
12UpperPhil Pickard / Simon Pickard Ford Fiesta S2000T50:5278+3:13+0:03
15MiddleMatthew Robinson / Sam Collis Ford Escort RS 51:4919+4:10+0:57
39MiddleMark McCulloch/ John McCullochFord Escort Mk252:02210+4:23+0:13
14MiddleSimon Webster/ Jez RogersFord Escort RS180052:07311+4:28+0:05
40UpperMichael Renton/ Ricky FinlaysonSubaru Impreza GC852:25812+4:46+0:18
54Lower MiddleRobert Proudlock/ Steven BrownOpel Adam52:42113+5:03+0:17
25UpperIan Baumgart/ Liam Whiteley Subaru Impreza52:54914+5:15+0:12
17UpperDaniel Hiorns/ Joshua BeerSubaru Impreza53:011015+5:22+0:07
23Lower MiddleBarry Lindsay/ Caroline LodgePeugeot 206 Cup Car53:11216+5:32+0:10
7UpperArron Newby/ Jamie EdwardsSkoda Fabia R5 53:201117+5:41+0:09
13UpperAlan Carmichael / Arthur KieransHyundai R553:261218+5:47+0:06
21UpperDarren Hamill/ Martin HarteFord Fiesta R5 53:281319+5:49+0:02
22UpperSimon Green/ Andrew ThorpeSubaru Impreza Series McRae53:361420+5:57+0:08
46Lower MiddleBradley Howlett/ Nick VandevennePeugeot 208 R253:51321+6:12+0:15
24Lower MiddleMark Shaw/ James CoxonTalbot Sunbeam Ti54:16422+6:37+0:25
59Lower MiddleMatthew Cotton/ Simon TaylorPeugeot 208 R254:18523+6:39+0:02
52Lower MiddleJustin Gunning/ Steven ClarkFord Fiesta R254:20624+6:41+0:02
35UpperDarren Martin/ Daniel HurstMitsubishi Evo 954:361525+6:57+0:16
2UpperElliot Payne/ Patrick WalshFord Fiesta Rally254:371626+6:58+0:01
27WorkingPete Gorst/ Mark Twiname Vauxhall Nova 54:41127+7:02+0:04
28MiddleNick Dobson/ Philip Sandham Ford Escort MK 254:59428+7:20+0:18
88Lower MiddleLiam Clark/ Ben WildFord Fiesta R255:09729+7:30+0:10
90UpperColin Minton/ Bonnie PapperFord Fiesta55:191730+7:40+0:10
41Lower MiddleTommi Meadows/ Laura CooledgeFord Fiesta R255:29831+7:50+0:10
62MiddleDonald Peacock/ Craig WallaceFord Escort MK255:33532+7:54+0:04
45MiddleBob Riddles/ Ian KiddFord Mk2 escort55:45633+8:06+0:12
42Upper MiddleCarl Tuer/ Robin TuerRenault Clio R3T55:56234+8:17+0:11
26UpperTom McKeown/ Neil ThomasSubaru Impreza55:561835+8:17
51MiddleIan Holt/ Steve PughFord Escort Escort RS180056:05736+8:26+0:09
49UpperOrrin McDonnell/ Johnnie MackaySubaru Impreza56:121937+8:33+0:07
57Upper MiddleBen Jemison/ Sam SpencerVauxhall Chevette56:15338+8:36+0:03
69MiddleNathan Wearden/ Ethan Thompson Ford Fiesta56:21839+8:42+0:06
73MiddleRowan Moreton Wood/ Jonny Tad Evans Ford Escort56:21940+8:42
65UpperGraham Gaskell/ Chris DoddsSubaru Impreza56:282041+8:49+0:07
70UpperJohn Okane / Meghan OkaneSubaru Impreza 56:422142+9:03+0:14
84MiddleDavid Pedley/ Grace PedleyFord RS180057:171043+9:38+0:35
72Upper MiddleAndy Turner/ Steven DaveySubaru Impreza RWD57:17444+9:38
68MiddleJohnny Mowlem/ Matt EdwardsFord Escort57:241145+9:45+0:07
77Lower MiddleAnthony Harrison / Simon BarnesFord Escort Mexico mk157:43946+10:04+0:19
60MiddleColin Hope/ Nick PatrickSaab 96 V457:441247+10:05+0:01
38WorkingNigel Jenkins/ Karen JenkinsVauxhall Nova57:59248+10:20+0:15
76Lower MiddleDavid Barr/ Neil Mitchell-HunterPeugeot 10658:141049+10:35+0:15
85WorkingJonny Pickup/ Peter KingVW Polo1:00:54350+13:15+2:40
53MiddleJim Slater/ Chris SlaterFord Focus rwd 1:01:011351+13:22+0:07
74MiddleWalter Henderson/ Jim KinlochFord Escort1:01:181452+13:39+0:17
81Lower MiddleTom Harrison / Marcus PomfretFord Escort 1:01:291153+13:50+0:11
37MiddleGraham Haigh/ Kari BatesFord Escort Mk21:02:151554+14:36+0:46
31MiddleBen Smith/ Steven SmithFord Escort MK1 RS20001:03:131655+15:34+0:58
56Upper MiddleAnthony Hanson/ Brad SowerbyVauxhall Chevette HSR1:04:46556+17:07+1:33
82MiddleTony Walker/ Andrew Ross MarchbankVauxhall Chevette1:05:461757+18:07+1:00
66Lower MiddleRob Richards/ Wendy GibsonPeugeot 1061:06:271258+18:48+0:41
89MiddleColin Smith/ John PinderVauxhall Astra Mk31:09:061859+21:27+2:39
86Lower MiddleDave Head/ Steve PerryMini One1:12:441360+25:05+3:38
61UpperShane Murray/ Gary HadeFord Fiesta1:12:452261+25:06+0:01
79MiddleJames Durkin / James McGough Fiesta St1501:19:361962+31:57+6:51

These results became Final on Saturday 3rd December 2022 at 15:50 GMT and were signed by Steve Waggett (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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