Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
1UpperJock Armstrong/ Cameron Fair11
2UpperElliot Payne/ Patrick Walsh22
5UpperRuss Thompson/ Stephen Link33
6UpperPeter Taylor/ Jack Morton44
7UpperArron Newby/ Jamie Edwards55
8UpperNiall McCullagh/ Ryan McCloskey66
9UpperVivian Hamill/ Lorcan Moore77
10UpperCharles Payne / Carl Williamson88
11UpperAngus Lawrie/ Paul Gribben99
12UpperPhil Pickard / Simon Pickard 1010
13UpperAlan Carmichael / Arthur Kierans1111
14MiddleSimon Webster/ Jez Rogers112
15MiddleMatthew Robinson / Sam Collis 213
16MiddleStuart Egglestone/ Brian Hodgson314
17UpperDaniel Hiorns/ Joshua Beer1215
19UpperBrendan Cumiskey / Martin Connolly1316
20UpperTrevor Gamble/ Phil Kenny1417
21UpperDarren Hamill/ Martin Harte1518
22UpperSimon Green/ Andrew Thorpe1619
23Lower MiddleBarry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge120
24Lower MiddleMark Shaw/ James Coxon221
25UpperIan Baumgart/ Liam Whiteley 1722
26UpperTom McKeown/ Neil Thomas1823
27WorkingPete Gorst/ Mark Twiname 124
28MiddleNick Dobson/ Philip Sandham 425
31MiddleBen Smith/ Steven Smith526
32Upper MiddleMike Wolff/ Callum Young127
34MiddleNeil Wearden/ Mark Fisher628
35UpperDarren Martin/ Daniel Hurst1929
36MiddleMark Holmes/ Craig Simkiss730
37MiddleGraham Haigh/ Kari Bates831
38WorkingNigel Jenkins/ Karen Jenkins232
39MiddleMark McCulloch/ John McCulloch933
40UpperMichael Renton/ Ricky Finlayson2034
41Lower MiddleTommi Meadows/ Laura Cooledge335
42Upper MiddleCarl Tuer/ Robin Tuer236
43Upper MiddleKevin Metcalfe/ Ian Jones337
44UpperSteve Cotton/ Chris Williams2138
45MiddleBob Riddles/ Ian Kidd1039
46Lower MiddleBradley Howlett/ Nick Vandevenne440
49UpperOrrin McDonnell/ Johnnie Mackay2241
50MiddlePaul Thompson / Josh Davison 1142
51MiddleIan Holt/ Steve Pugh1243
52Lower MiddleJustin Gunning/ Steven Clark544
53MiddleJim Slater/ Chris Slater1345
54Lower MiddleRobert Proudlock/ Steven Brown646
55Upper MiddleShane Mcgirr / Denver Rafferty447
56Upper MiddleAnthony Hanson/ Brad Sowerby548
57Upper MiddleBen Jemison/ Sam Spencer649
58Lower MiddleRory McCann/ Paul McCann750
59Lower MiddleMatthew Cotton/ Simon Taylor851
60MiddleColin Hope/ Nick Patrick1452
61UpperShane Murray/ Gary Hade2353
62MiddleDonald Peacock/ Craig Wallace1554
64MiddleAndy Gibson/ Jonathan Turnbull1655
65UpperGraham Gaskell/ Chris Dodds2456
66Lower MiddleRob Richards/ Wendy Gibson957
67MiddleDavid Wallbank/ Mike Scrimgour1758
68MiddleJohnny Mowlem/ Matt Edwards1859
69MiddleNathan Wearden/ Ethan Thompson 1960
70UpperJohn Okane / Meghan Okane2561
71WorkingAidan Gregory/ Mark Casey362
72Upper MiddleAndy Turner/ Steven Davey763
73MiddleRowan Moreton Wood/ Jonny Tad Evans 2064
74MiddleWalter Henderson/ Jim Kinloch2165
75WorkingThomas Charles Wallbank/ Dave Scrimgour466
76Lower MiddleDavid Barr/ Neil Mitchell-Hunter1067
77Lower MiddleAnthony Harrison / Simon Barnes1168
79MiddleJames Durkin / James McGough 2269
80UpperSteve Phillips / Bruce Lindsay2670
81Lower MiddleTom Harrison / Marcus Pomfret1271
82MiddleTony Walker/ Andrew Ross Marchbank2372
83Upper MiddleKris Hopkins/ Colin Watson873
84MiddleDavid Pedley/ Grace Pedley2474
85WorkingJonny Pickup/ Peter King575
86Lower MiddleDave Head/ Steve Perry1376
87MiddleColin Blunt/ Mark Blunt2577
88Lower MiddleLiam Clark/ Ben Wild1478
89MiddleColin Smith/ John Pinder2679
90UpperColin Minton/ Bonnie Papper2780
3UpperGarry Pearson/ Hannah McKillop2882
29Upper MiddleAndy Davison/ Tom Murphy983
63UpperTommy Graham / Mark Pickering 2984

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 3rd December 2022 at 15:50 GMT and were signed by Steve Waggett (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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