Car Cls Crew1 Penalty Total Cls
8UpperNiall McCullagh/ Ryan McCloskey6:226:2211
1UpperJock Armstrong/ Cameron Fair6:276:2722
2UpperElliot Payne/ Patrick Walsh6:276:2733
7UpperArron Newby/ Jamie Edwards6:326:3244
13UpperAlan Carmichael / Arthur Kierans6:356:3555
19UpperBrendan Cumiskey / Martin Connolly6:356:3566
9UpperVivian Hamill/ Lorcan Moore6:366:3677
11UpperAngus Lawrie/ Paul Gribben6:376:3788
5UpperRuss Thompson/ Stephen Link6:386:3899
6UpperPeter Taylor/ Jack Morton6:426:421010
55Upper MiddleShane Mcgirr / Denver Rafferty6:466:46111
16MiddleStuart Egglestone/ Brian Hodgson6:476:47112
10UpperCharles Payne / Carl Williamson6:506:501113
31MiddleBen Smith/ Steven Smith6:536:53214
50MiddlePaul Thompson / Josh Davison 6:546:54315
34MiddleNeil Wearden/ Mark Fisher7:007:00416
17UpperDaniel Hiorns/ Joshua Beer7:017:011217
21UpperDarren Hamill/ Martin Harte7:037:031318
39MiddleMark McCulloch/ John McCulloch7:037:03519
59Lower MiddleMatthew Cotton/ Simon Taylor7:037:03120
27WorkingPete Gorst/ Mark Twiname 7:077:07121
54Lower MiddleRobert Proudlock/ Steven Brown7:087:08222
15MiddleMatthew Robinson / Sam Collis 7:097:09623
64MiddleAndy Gibson/ Jonathan Turnbull7:107:10724
14MiddleSimon Webster/ Jez Rogers7:117:11825
40UpperMichael Renton/ Ricky Finlayson7:117:111426
84MiddleDavid Pedley/ Grace Pedley7:127:12927
12UpperPhil Pickard / Simon Pickard 7:137:131528
23Lower MiddleBarry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge7:137:13329
58Lower MiddleRory McCann/ Paul McCann7:157:15430
24Lower MiddleMark Shaw/ James Coxon7:177:17531
53MiddleJim Slater/ Chris Slater7:187:181032
88Lower MiddleLiam Clark/ Ben Wild7:187:18633
25UpperIan Baumgart/ Liam Whiteley 7:197:191634
43Upper MiddleKevin Metcalfe/ Ian Jones7:217:21235
52Lower MiddleJustin Gunning/ Steven Clark7:227:22736
46Lower MiddleBradley Howlett/ Nick Vandevenne7:237:23837
22UpperSimon Green/ Andrew Thorpe7:257:251738
49UpperOrrin McDonnell/ Johnnie Mackay7:287:281839
41Lower MiddleTommi Meadows/ Laura Cooledge7:297:29940
57Upper MiddleBen Jemison/ Sam Spencer7:297:29341
69MiddleNathan Wearden/ Ethan Thompson 7:297:291142
70UpperJohn Okane / Meghan Okane7:297:291943
20UpperTrevor Gamble/ Phil Kenny7:317:312044
42Upper MiddleCarl Tuer/ Robin Tuer7:317:31445
45MiddleBob Riddles/ Ian Kidd7:317:311246
90UpperColin Minton/ Bonnie Papper7:327:322147
77Lower MiddleAnthony Harrison / Simon Barnes7:337:331048
56Upper MiddleAnthony Hanson/ Brad Sowerby7:357:35549
32Upper MiddleMike Wolff/ Callum Young7:367:36650
36MiddleMark Holmes/ Craig Simkiss7:367:361351
28MiddleNick Dobson/ Philip Sandham 7:387:381452
51MiddleIan Holt/ Steve Pugh7:387:381553
62MiddleDonald Peacock/ Craig Wallace7:397:391654
73MiddleRowan Moreton Wood/ Jonny Tad Evans 7:397:391755
74MiddleWalter Henderson/ Jim Kinloch7:407:401856
72Upper MiddleAndy Turner/ Steven Davey7:417:41757
65UpperGraham Gaskell/ Chris Dodds7:477:472258
44UpperSteve Cotton/ Chris Williams7:497:492359
76Lower MiddleDavid Barr/ Neil Mitchell-Hunter7:547:541160
60MiddleColin Hope/ Nick Patrick7:557:551961
79MiddleJames Durkin / James McGough 7:567:562062
35UpperDarren Martin/ Daniel Hurst7:597:592463
71WorkingAidan Gregory/ Mark Casey7:597:59264
68MiddleJohnny Mowlem/ Matt Edwards8:038:032165
87MiddleColin Blunt/ Mark Blunt8:248:242266
75WorkingThomas Charles Wallbank/ Dave Scrimgour8:268:26367
26UpperTom McKeown/ Neil Thomas8:288:282568
89MiddleColin Smith/ John Pinder8:288:282369
66Lower MiddleRob Richards/ Wendy Gibson8:318:311270
37MiddleGraham Haigh/ Kari Bates8:338:332471
85WorkingJonny Pickup/ Peter King8:358:35472
80UpperSteve Phillips / Bruce Lindsay8:388:382673
81Lower MiddleTom Harrison / Marcus Pomfret8:468:461374
83Upper MiddleKris Hopkins/ Colin Watson9:019:01875
82MiddleTony Walker/ Andrew Ross Marchbank9:089:082576
38WorkingNigel Jenkins/ Karen Jenkins10:0010:00577
61UpperShane Murray/ Gary Hade10:0010:002778
67MiddleDavid Wallbank/ Mike Scrimgour10:0010:002679
86Lower MiddleDave Head/ Steve Perry10:0010:001480

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Grizedale East
4.79 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 3rd December 2022 at 15:50 GMT and were signed by Steve Waggett (Clerk of the Course)

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