Car Cls Crew1 Penalty Total Cls
1DRoss Le Noa / Christina Holley  11
2DJeremy Baudains/ James Ollivro 22
3DDale Crowsley / Will Rutherford 33
4DDave Oliveira / Victor Nobrega  44
5FWD2Andy Corner / Adrian Camp 15
7FWD2Craig Robert/ Chris Guille  26
8CMark Syvret/ Chris Fox 17
9CNick Duquemin / Phil Ferbrache 28
10FWD2Chris Torode/ Nick Saunders 39
11DRobert Leighton De St Paer/ Sion Humphreys 510
13FWD2Fraser Torode/ Adam Le Ray 411
14CGary Duquemin / Andrew Henry  312
15CPaul Trebert/ Jason Carre 413
16DRichard Manning / Simon Bonny  614
17CKevin Rumens/ Marc Maubec  515
18FWD2Karl Robert/ Luke Saunders  516
19APaul Vibert/ Michael Beausire 117
20BJohn Eborall/ Alex Rosamond 118
21CRichard Le Marquand/ Trevor Rabet 619
22FWD2Jonathan Robilliard/ Gregory Robert 620
23ENeil Touzel/ Francis Touzel 121
25CTim Le Lacheur/ Pete Sims 722
26EKeith Pinel/ Matt Pinel 223
27DRichard Le Feuvre/ Nathan Ward 724
28DMark Scott/ Elizabeth Scott 825
29BCharlie Norton/ Max Brochet 226
30FWD2Mark Galvin/ Nathan Beddoe 727
31BSteven knight / Alix page  328
32FWD2Khan Holden / James Mallandaine  829
33BSam Simon / Dan Gallichan 430
34CJohn Le Cheminant/ Martyn Vidamour 831
35FWD2Philip Vedier/ Paul ferbrache  932
36CSamuel Galvin/ Joao Vieira 933
37CDave truscott/ Andy Simpson  1034

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Saturday 25th February 2023 at 18:05 GMT and were signed by Ron Allen (Clerk of the Course)

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