Car Cls CrewTotal
1011121314151617 Penalty Total Cls
14DDarren Atkinson/ Mark Twiname3:20:50.510:59.08:19.97:51.911:38.110:16.87:59.87:48.4 Retired
32DMarty Toner / Ben Teggart50:05.39:52.38:20.97:36.311:37.610:09.17:59.87:31.211:21.5Disqualified C.1.1.5
2FHugh Hunter/ Rob Fagg47:52.09:52.311:58.77:29.512:31.19:43.87:45.87:08.4 Retired
106AAndrew Foster/ Chloe Percival1:05:02.012:21.19:40.68:47.013:40.512:15.413:14.8  1:00.0Retired
Car 106 Penalty details:- 1:00 for Jump Start SS14
12FGareth Mimnagh/ J Barry Mc carney49:38.29:52.37:59.47:23.011:45.710:36.97:59.8  Retired
75CJonathan Stepney/ Aled Davies3:00:25.012:54.89:40.98:50.714:05.911:53.5   Retired
93BMichael McKenna / Harry walshaw1:00:41.212:15.835:00.034:00.043:00.012:28.0   Retired
90EDavid Craine/ Janet Craine57:52.911:36.29:09.78:27.913:01.611:29.6   Retired
27DGordon Morrison/ Ian Parker53:19.210:50.78:37.58:00.912:21.513:37.8   Gearbox
45CJohn Devlin/ John McCarthy52:28.310:47.58:28.37:47.912:03.010:31.7   Retired
8FJohn Stone/ Laura Connell49:48.59:52.38:02.27:29.011:17.510:03.0   Retired
127AJosh Dallimore / Leonie Marchbank3:00:52.014:49.711:54.110:18.517:05.9    Diff
91BWilliam Nelson/ Craig Nelson1:05:04.213:33.510:02.69:12.115:04.9    Half shaft
138CPhilip alwyn passant / Dennis harris1:05:29.512:56.810:01.09:09.814:53.5    Retired
36H3Richard Hall/ Declan Campbell55:21.011:41.29:19.38:11.913:00.4    Retired
24DCarine (Kex) Walker/ Dannii Matthews54:52.211:16.88:56.18:10.012:13.1    Puncture + car wouldn't restart
101CAntony Allery/ Richard Bonner55:02.611:01.38:42.87:59.412:39.8    Slipping clutch
4FDavid Wright/ Paula Swinscoe 47:25.29:44.07:40.57:07.010:53.5    Retired
7FStephen Simpson / Patrick Walsh2:54:52.89:52.38:23.59:43.6     Head gasket failure
71CBridge Carey/ Bradley Ware1:49:53.911:02.08:54.09:47.9     Driveshaft
132ATim Andrews/ Walter Bridson 1:41:59.314:05.211:03.710:20.9     Retired
102CPeter Morgan/ David James Price1:00:42.011:54.79:38.98:32.2     Retired
96DMichael Savino/ Liam Ruddock59:37.611:47.79:36.79:29.2     Mechanical
53DJohn Morgan/ LLinos Jones-Edwards55:24.510:59.18:41.78:02.0     Gearbox
38EGordon Cunningham/ Charley Sayer-Payne54:17.210:41.08:38.37:55.3     Retired
73ASimon Hunter/ Howard Pridmore58:01.911:35.410:30.3      Stuck in 3rd gear
28ERichard Clews/ Carl Williamson51:38.711:16.99:10.8      Gearbox
74CJohn McCullough/ Rachael McCullough1:02:16.112:25.1       Gearbox
76EStephen Harvey/ Andy Falconer56:59.811:27.7       Accident
85H2Ben Smith/ Steven Smith55:40.711:27.5       Suspension Failure
125H1Les Allfrey/ Keith Fellowes1:33:57.613:49.5       Lack of oil pressure
80DDavid Cluckie/ Ealish Baxter58:42.912:06.0       Mechanical
78H2Tommy Graham / Mark Pickering 2:13:08.0        Engine fault
34H3Rob smith/ Alun Cook1:08:20.3        Mechanical
134ACarl Wagstaffe / Mark Wagstaffe 1:04:54.1        Retired
3FMelvyn Evans/ Aled Davies 50:03.59:52.3       Retired
77H3R Martin Freestone/ James Freestone59:31.7        Retired
88CPaul Doroszczuk/ Julian E Doroszczuk56:02.8        Cracked radiator
13ESteven Ormond-Smith/ Dafydd Evans53:00.8        Gearbox
35H3Will Onions/ Dave Williams52:30.2        Damaged wheel
9FKevin Davies/ Owain Davies48:02.7        Retired
66CJames Nicholls/ David Allman43:29.4        Lost wheel
41FMike English/ Andy Robinson 42:30.9        Suspension issues
26DBrad Cole/ Neil Colman40:54.8        Diff
65CJohn Barry Williams/ Tomos Shakespeare 1:38:55.8        Found a ditch
104CMichael Dowling/ Stephen Buckley38:36.0        Mechanical
100CGeorge Merrills/ Colin blunt37:34.8        Retired
133H1Eric Davis/ Russell Joseph36:54.2        Overheating
103H3Tobias adam/ Ian meakin31:37.7        Engine
16EMaxx Bradshaw/ Liam Andrew Whiteley26:41.3        Engine
105DColin Kniveton/ Kevin Kniveton26:36.1        Mechanical
87H2Tony Shields / Barrie Ford 23:19.4        Mechanical
29H3Mark Holmes/ Mark Perryman22:16.9        Gearbox
39FBarry Groundwater/ Michael Hendry16:22.4        Retired
81BKyle Casement/ Liam McCann13:43.4        Retired
47CMatt Pierce/ Jez Rogers3:45.3        Engine
110EDavid Longfellow / Rhys edwards        Non-Starter
19DDonagh Kelly/ Rory Kennedy        Non-Starter
54CBrian Watson/ Sean Donnelly        Retired
126H1Shane Gamble/ TBA        Non-Starter
55DClint Eade/ Tom Murphy        Non-Starter
97EDrew Gallagher / David Crosbie         Non-Starter
43CStewart Morrison/ TBA        Non Starter
108AJohn Clayton/ Steve Booth        Non Starter
109BAntony Elkes/ Alexander Lewis        Engine on Shakedown

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 10
Newtown 1
11.92 miles
Stage 11
The Curraghs 1
8.99 miles
Stage 12
Dog Mills 1
8.48 miles
Stage 13
The Baldwins 1
12.61 miles
Stage 14
Newtown 2
11.92 miles
Stage 15
The Curraghs 2
8.99 miles
Stage 16
Dog Mills 2
8.48 miles
Stage 17
Baldwins 2
12.61 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 13th May 2023 at 18:55 BST and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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