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These Competitors have only reached SF6
35Alan Carmichael / Claire WilliamsHyundai R535:1211
15Angus Lawrie/ Paul GribbenMitsubishi Evo 935:4522+0:33+0:33
65Trevor Gamble/ Phil KennyFord Fiesta Rally 236:3433+1:22+0:49
25William Paterson/ Tom HyndSkoda R536:4344+1:31+0:09
45Michael O'Brien/ Patrick WalshFord Focus WRC36:4855+1:36+0:05
75Dan O'Brien/ Michael GilbeyFord Fiesta WRC37:1066+1:58+0:22
95John Bannister/ Dave RobsonSubaru Impreza37:3777+2:25+0:27
105Gary Cooper / Jon Riley Subaru Impreza38:0288+2:50+0:25
385Liam Clark/ Kim GrayFord Fiesta R538:1099+2:58+0:08
125Darren Martin/ Daniel HurstFord Fiesta R538:101010+2:58
153Steve Bannister/ Callum AtkinsonFord Escort Mk238:21111+3:09+0:11
213Paul Thompson/ Josh DavisonFord Escort38:59212+3:47+0:38
263David Brown/ Dick WardleFord RS180039:16313+4:04+0:17
192Barry Lindsay/ Caroline LodgePeugeot 206 Cup Car39:46114+4:34+0:30
184Mike Wolff/ Ella TysonBMW E30 M340:23115+5:11+0:37
173Tim Jones/ Gail WhyteFord Escort Mk240:31416+5:19+0:08
202Mark Shaw/ James CoxonTalbot Sunbeam Ti40:37217+5:25+0:06
255Ian Ring/ Paul VaseyMitsubishi Evo 640:381118+5:26+0:01
223Dave Lewis/ Harry StubbsFord Escort Mk240:40519+5:28+0:02
325Tommy Graham / Mark Pickering Mitsubishi Evo 241:251220+6:13+0:45
414Tim Green/ Jordan JoinesMini Cooper S41:36221+6:24+0:11
245Jan Budge/ Bruce LindsaySubaru Impreza41:531322+6:41+0:17
283Dave Forrest/ Jamie ForrestFord Escort Mk242:06623+6:54+0:13
303Nick Kitching / Stuart Tubbs Boynton Ford Escort 42:10724+6:58+0:04
433Guy Butler / Florence ButlerBMW Mini Cooper S 42:25825+7:13+0:15
352Martin Meadows/ Tommi MeadowsFord Fiesta R242:51326+7:39+0:26
371Niall Cowan Jr/ Bonnie PapperMg 343:09127+7:57+0:18
333Ian Hildreth/ Sarah WettonFord Escort43:21928+8:09+0:12
293Darren Howard/ Stephen Henty Ford Escort Mk243:231029+8:11+0:02
391Tom Constantine/ Antony Coates MG 343:25230+8:13+0:02
484Keith Bounds/ Kevin WatkinsBMW Mini Cooper S43:35331+8:23+0:10
501Max Crowther/ Phil BrammaVolkswagen Lupo44:17332+9:05+0:42
522Colin Wilkinson/ Douglas HumphreyHillman Avenger44:17433+9:05
552Peter Johnson/ Jonny Sproat Ford Escort44:29534+9:17+0:12
362Jacob Neal/ Russell ThompsonBMW Mini Cooper R5045:04635+9:52+0:35
532Chris Watts/ Benjamin WattsFord Fiesta R245:14736+10:02+0:10
403Stephen Phillips/ Dylan BargateFord Escort45:261137+10:14+0:12
313Paul Gorge/ Harriet WorthMazda MX545:511238+10:39+0:25
442Alan Kitson / John Roberts Ford Escort Mk146:06839+10:54+0:15
345Mike Robertson/ Gary McDonald Subaru Impreza47:301440+12:18+1:24
452Wesley Gilford/ Adam BurkillMini Cooper47:31941+12:19+0:01
462Andrew Watson/ Emma CooperMini Cooper48:171042+13:05+0:46
472John Day/ David ThompsonBMW Mini R5048:181143+13:06+0:01
491Mark Johnson/ Steven ButlerNissan Micra48:43444+13:31+0:25
512Gary Jones/ Matthew JonesMini Cooper 48:461245+13:34+0:03
562Dave Head/ Glenn FothergillMini Cooper51:441346+16:32+2:58
542Greg McCutcheon/ Ian McCutcheonPeugeot 205 GTi1:12:051447+36:53+20:21

These results became Final on Sunday 2nd July 2023 at 17:30 BST and were signed by Richard Christiansen (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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