Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
115Miles Taylor/ Barry Young4:204:148:1814:007:5310:00 Gear Selection Issues
103Rob Watson/ Josh Watson4:424:358:5711:488:158:24 Retired
25John Cope/ Tony Cope4:204:128:137:567:3414:00 Mechanical
362Martin Walker/ Samantha Bartlett4:474:469:198:568:278:19 Mechanical
54Darren Nugent/ Peter Johnson4:254:228:358:1414:00  Alternator Failure
155Anthony Raylor/ Kieran Murcutt Ledger4:364:278:408:53   Water and Electrics not mixing well
85Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster4:224:1914:00    Brakes
443Jamie McBain/ Callum Young4:444:3011:39    Gear Linkage
481Darren Roberts/ Dale Gabbert4:575:259:06    Fuelling Issue
413Stewart Andrew Scott/ Glyn Casey5:104:529:26    Engine Blown
223Colin Blunt/ Mark Blunt4:464:399:41    Blown Engine
391Trevor Hancock/ Paul Bevan4:494:409:18    Radiator
341Craig King/ Russell Joseph5:044:57     Broken Steering / Electrical
282John Deegan/ Pauline Merrills4:374:59     Mechanical
202John Tear/ Robert Turton4:504:43     RIP Engine
433James Lightfoot/ William Lightfoot       Non Starter
194Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross       Non Starter
93Mark Mazzitelli / Liam Mazzitelli        Non Starter
541Callum Powell/ Dani Powell       Non Starter
703Steve Walshaw/ Andy Walshaw       Clutch
142Mike King/ Dave France       Non Starter
35Peter Taylor/ Jack Morton       Non Starter
183Paul Rees/ Paul Briggs       Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
3.21 miles
Stage 2
3.21 miles
Stage 3
6.80 miles
Stage 4
6.80 miles
Stage 5
6.70 miles
Stage 6
6.70 miles
Stage 7
6.60 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 10th September 2023 at 16:45 BST and were signed by Derek Lee (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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