Car Cls Crew12345 Penalty Total Cls
26Damian Cole/ Charly Cole 5:444:234:264:455:3924:5799
56Hugh Hunter/ Dale Bowen5:385:48   Mechanical
76Stephen Simpson/ Sion Cunniff5:384:214:294:505:3824:5677
86Michael Igoe/ Will Atkins     Non-Starter
155Mark Jasper/ Simon John Rogers     Non-Starter
204Lee Edwards / Robbie Pugh5:4624:0025:0025:005:391:25:251584
214Andy Fraser/ Alan Jones6:024:4810:00  Retired
254Mark Holmes/ Mark Perryman9:57    Retired
276Mike English/ Andy Robinson 5:544:334:465:035:5726:131525
31H3/H4Tom Llewellin/ Sion Williams5:574:324:374:545:4625:46119
32H3/H4Alan Walker/ John Connor6:044:294:454:486:0026:06223
335Tim Hill/ Paul Spooner5:584:374:344:58 Retired
345Andrew Pawley/ Timothy Sturla6:156:25   Diff
374Tom Todd/ Dan Morefield5:49    Accident
404Mark Fisher/ Peter Spalding7:175:07   Retired
413Nathan Evans/ Rhys Williams Edwards 7:50    Driveshaft
423Chris Butcher/ Jonathan Hawkins     Non-Starter
442Richard Hill/ Richard Morton Crozier6:364:484:544:586:0927:25334
484Roger Matthews/ Tom Marrott6:264:595:035:39 Retired
502Lewis Gatt/ Callum Young6:144:434:524:566:2127:06232
524Nigel Mummery / Robbie Sandford7:355:265:29  Retired
545Simon Dalton/ Jamie Vaughan6:084:314:495:03 Retired
575David Wood/ Emma Morrison6:364:585:28  Retired
585Phil Evans/ Emma Cooper     Non-Starter
624Daniel Mundell / Stephen Spear6:264:444:535:106:001:0028:13943
Car 62 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SSA 3
632Graham Muter/ Steve Hallmark 6:184:484:555:076:5127:59540
742Neville Hudd / David Ley6:254:465:00  Retired
752Adam Hanner / Wayne Wood 6:384:485:035:056:2628:00641
761Ryan Wilding / Lucy Wilding7:125:135:325:46 Retired
784Michael Bowle/ Izzie Lawrence8:50    Retired
795Andrew Price/ Adam John Jonea6:424:565:185:376:2929:02953
803Tom Barlow/ Robert De Belder6:275:02   Retired
82H3/H4Duncan Buck/ Catherine Buck7:015:378:475:486:5734:101181
873Andy Reid/ Alex Reid7:236:10   Retired
90H3/H4Richard Stepney/ Alun Ginn     Retired
91H2David Chislett/ Daniel James6:215:004:535:08 Retired
94H2Andrew O'Hanlon/ Kevin Hogan6:505:0610:005:42 Broken throttle cable
96H3/H4Stuart Anderson/ Kenny Owen6:294:595:125:237:1029:13655
974Jason Stone/ Daniel Stone6:324:504:585:126:1427:46837
985Hendrik Minderman/ Lucie Gutteridge9:30    Crash
994Paul Barden/ Glyn Thomas6:455:185:105:19 Retired
1033Jeremy Harris / Alex Harris7:335:305:365:377:2031:361374
1043Peter Thornton / Jordan Joines 10:435:10   Retired
108H3/H4Paul Taylor/ Jemma Taylor7:335:315:535:497:1532:011076
1103Neil Dodd/ Laura Egger7:265:225:485:49 Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Petty France 1
6.28 miles
Stage 2
Bromesberrow 1
4.03 miles
Stage 3
Okle Green 1
4.98 miles
Stage 4
Shaw Common 1
4.69 miles
Stage 5
Petty France 2
6.28 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 17th September 2023 at 18:20 BST and were signed by Keith Richings (Clerk of the Course)

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