Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
59FWD2Carl Le Cornu/ Matthew Godfrey4:51.33:29.65:56.56:00.020:17.41679
87BMarcus Humber/ Luke Hounslea5:22.73:49.84:59.23:40.817:52.5977
76FWD2Thomas Wagstaffe/ Samuel Thompson5:04.43:40.44:47.63:35.517:07.91572
51BJohn Eborall/ Alex Rosamond4:46.03:54.54:39.13:32.216:51.8670
65AStephen Higgins / Teresa Butler4:50.13:33.64:49.63:30.916:44.2367
72FWD2Andy Slade/ Pete Bold4:53.23:34.64:35.83:32.216:35.81366
77BCharlie Norton/ Max Brochet4:45.33:41.44:39.53:28.616:34.8565
60BAshleigh Morris/ Emma Morrison4:35.63:29.74:43.63:20.516:09.4461
46FWD2Jonathan Robilliard/ Gregory Robert4:43.53:34.24:25.73:14.915:58.31158
75FWD2Chris Mackay/ Piers Little4:35.73:28.04:27.33:22.815:53.81056
71CSamuel Galvin / Joao Vieira4:34.83:22.34:16.13:32.215:45.41753
48FWD2Angus Torode/ Adam Creed 4:30.63:32.84:20.43:17.015:40.8952
88FWD2Roger Holder/ Mollie Meacham4:36.73:25.24:17.23:14.015:33.1850
80CJohn Turmel/ James Turmel 4:38.83:20.84:21.63:11.215:32.41648
63FWD2Connor Andrews/ William Winstanley 4:35.73:19.84:17.23:10.115:22.8644
53FWD2Karl Robert / Luke Saunders 4:24.43:22.24:22.63:10.115:19.3542
36CRichard Weatherley/ Shaun Layland4:34.13:20.34:15.33:06.415:16.11441
35CRoger Henderson/ Tommi Henderson4:31.83:20.34:09.33:08.315:09.71238
23CMark Follain/ Lee Dare4:27.93:22.74:08.33:07.815:06.71036
29APaul Vibert/ Richard Amy4:25.43:18.24:10.73:10.215:04.5234
43CChris Slade/ Robert Selley4:33.23:13.54:11.53:06.115:04.3933
17FWD2Ian Godney/ Kieran Gregory 4:21.33:16.94:05.33:17.915:01.4330
11DJohn Le Brun/ Tim Hamon4:27.53:18.54:08.83:04.614:59.41529
18DTom Todd/ Chris Beer4:27.33:12.94:02.43:01.214:43.81224
38CStephen Le Brun/ Matthew Le Brun 4:23.43:15.14:02.13:01.314:41.9722
7FWD2Andy Corner / Ade Camp4:15.03:11.24:01.93:04.114:32.2220
41CDisco Dave Truscott/ Andrew Simpson 4:09.33:21.03:57.93:03.314:31.5618
9DSimon Le Noa/ Katie Le Noa4:26.43:09.53:55.32:57.814:29.0715
20CMark Syvret/ Chris Fox4:17.23:07.13:58.63:00.214:23.1513
1DRichard Fishleigh / Jason McCullough 4:09.33:01.13:53.12:55.213:58.758
2DJeremy Baudains/ James Ollivro4:14.83:01.33:48.02:51.413:55.546
30FWD2Sam Cox/ Paul Brown4:20.93:16.54:07.8 Retired
49DTim Alderson/ Peter Villars7:00.03:28.2  Throttle Cable
86DMark Scott/ Elizabeth Scott4:55.53:51.8  Retired
40DNathan Nicolle/ Romany Stephens4:13.73:11.3  Driveshaft
22DChris Barette / Martin Fernanado4:10.63:11.5  Gearbox
69EGrant Collins/ Thomas Rolland    
67DTim Le Lacheur/ Pete Sims4:35.93:16.14:08.1 Accident
32FWD2Lyn Llewellyn / Emma Cooper5:06.2   Retired
66AKevin Shales/ Mark Russell4:38.7   Mechanical
61FWD2Kevin Jeffray/ Linda Thomas    Non-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Martin 1
3.08 miles
Stage 2
Handois 1
2.56 miles
Stage 3
Martin 2
3.08 miles
Stage 4
Handois 2
2.56 miles

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