Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
5CMartin Hodgson/ Tony Jones11:409:409:198:528:17 Too much chocolate
9ARichard Weaver/ Cat Lund11:3710:07    Clutch Cylinder
12CCraig Pennington / Wayne Priest       Non Starter
18DAndy Gwynne/ Julian Jones 12:1910:56    0:30Gravel under dry sump belt - shredded
Car 18 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Missed Chicane SS1
23DAshley Furlong / Fiona Crump 10:5410:0110:02   Gearbox
29CAndy Brinkley/ Helena Mayall30:0011:5311:0710:4510:08 Retired
36EChris Daykin/ Michael Weeks13:0111:3911:01   Diff
38CGeorge Clarke/ Stephen Moyses 11:3810:4610:169:57  Burnt fuel line from cat blowing
49EWilliam Routledge/ Alex Routledge12:0110:5810:3410:15  Driveshaft
50EIan Dove/ John Dove30:0010:4210:47   Retired
61BMark Norwood/ Thomas Marriott12:3111:2411:3710:4910:08 Retired
63DMichael Windsor/ Daniel Yeates11:2110:40    Engine Failure
77DAdam Jones/ Craig Teasdale13:3611:4512:09   Engine Failure
80EJoe Harwood/ Liam Charlton12:24     Hole in Rad
83DLiam Mazzitelli / Mark Mazzitelli 11:2011:0410:33   Gearbox
85FBill Douglas/ Dave Tearl14:0013:4516:0016:0012:25 Retired
88ELiam Farr/ Kyle Makin      Non Starter
93ADarrell Taylor/ Dylan Thomas12:069:5110:34   Accident
101DAntony Allery/ Richard Bonner      Retired
102FCallum Powell / Dani Powell      Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
8.86 miles
Stage 2
8.86 miles
Stage 3
8.52 miles
Stage 4
8.52 miles
Stage 5
7.90 miles
Stage 6
7.90 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 3rd December 2023 at 17:20 GMT and were signed by Bob Draper (Clerk of the Course)

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