Car Cls Crew123456789101112 Penalty Total Cls
5DDan Gibson/ Shaun Layland4:224:144:074:036:07       Steering Rack
8CRussell Davies/ Chris Gifford4:24           Incident
9EWayne Larbalestier/ Jim Bowie4:314:254:204:156:126:006:217:09    Retired
12EJohn Peck/ Frankie Hillman4:374:264:244:176:115:596:226:36    Retired
14CGary Parker/ Tony Bassett4:484:414:354:296:296:136:226:174:204:20  Retired
21DRobert De St Paer/ Sam Simon4:374:384:274:206:115:57      Retired
22ERoger Henderson/ Tommi Henderson4:294:204:134:066:015:525:565:514:03   Retired
26CCraig Fleming/ Paul Rumary4:544:44          Retired
32CTerry Luckings/ Steve Cox            NON STARTER
34CAlf Chanter/ Robert Selley            NON STARTER
37DJames Russell/ Mark Rusell            NON STARTER
40DLee Williams/ Engin Uslu4:524:504:474:426:547:107:077:29    Retired
42CMatthew Rowland/ David Ley4:334:284:264:236:166:166:20     Retired
44CEdward Lowman/ Paul Lowman4:434:354:284:24        Gearbox
47CDean Whittington/ Simon Careswell6:005:114:474:416:466:3712:446:394:38   Retired
48CMike Dixon/ Mikey Dixon6:386:23          Retired
54EDavid Boden/ Dave Tearl6:216:196:065:558:32       Retired
56BMartin Dover/ Martin Bristow5:004:454:414:406:416:296:346:31    Retired
57CJoel John/ Alfie Element5:054:524:444:406:546:326:426:404:36   Retired
59DJohn Rutter/ Mike Leflay5:525:375:265:247:287:177:277:185:085:037:09 Retired
67CNathan Beddoe/ Peter Lucken5:4930:0030:004:597:447:317:097:344:475:217:42 Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
4.56 miles
Stage 2
4.56 miles
Stage 3
4.43 miles
Stage 4
4.43 miles
Stage 5
6.37 miles
Stage 6
6.37 miles
Stage 7
6.37 miles
Stage 8
6.37 miles
Stage 9
4.43 miles
Stage 10
4.43 miles
Stage 11
6.08 miles
Stage 12
6.08 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 3rd March 2024 at 16:24 GMT and were signed by Phil Muspratt (Clerk of the Course)

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