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Diff from
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1F3George Lepley/ Dale Bowen Mitsubishi Galant VR445:4311
4D5Matthew Robinson / Sam Collis Ford Escort RS46:2012+0:37+0:37
10D5Adrian Hetherington/ Ronan O'NeillFord Escort RS180046:3123+0:48+0:11
6D5Ben friend/ Cliff simmonsFord Escort mk246:4134+0:58+0:10
5G2Nick Elliott/ Dave PriceFiat 131 Abarth47:0615+1:23+0:25
9D5Barry McKenna/ Andrew HayesFord MK2 escort47:1246+1:29+0:06
18D5Owen McMackin/ Paul Mc CannFord Escort RS180047:4657+2:03+0:34
7D5RICHARD HILL/ Patrick CooperFORD ESCORT RS180047:5068+2:07+0:04
16D5Paul Thompson / Josh Davison Ford Escort 48:2479+2:41+0:34
23D4Ben Jemison/ Dave JacksonVauxhall Chevette HSR49:04110+3:21+0:40
33D5Nick Kitching / Sion CunniffFord Escort RS 180049:33811+3:50+0:29
37D5Tony Thompson/ Matthew ThompsonFord Escort RS180049:45912+4:02+0:12
20C3Josh Carr/ osian owen Ford Escort Mk149:46113+4:03+0:01
24D5Gareth Bevan/ Dafydd EvansFord Escort RS49:521014+4:09+0:06
25C4 & C5Jeremy Easson/ Mike ReynoldsFord Escort mk150:15115+4:32+0:23
39Cat H Class H2Steve Magson/ Steve BielbyVauxhall Astra RWD50:42116+4:59+0:27
12D5David Brown / Richard WardleFord Mk251:071117+5:24+0:25
30D3Mike Reed/ John MillingtonFord Rs 200051:14118+5:31+0:07
8G2Chris Ingram/ Michael GilbeyTriumph TR7 V851:26219+5:43+0:12
28D5Philip Squires/ Mick SquiresFord Escort51:281220+5:45+0:02
3F3Baz Jordan/ Arwel JenkinsMitsubishi Galant51:29221+5:46+0:01
21C4 & C5Tim Pearcey/ Steve PughFord Escort51:32222+5:49+0:03
41C3Terry Cree/ Richard ShoresBmw 2002ti51:58223+6:15+0:26
27D5 Derek Belbin / James Burns Ford MK11 Escort RS180052:141324+6:31+0:16
29D3shaun bolt/ Shaun Laylandford escort Mk252:28225+6:45+0:14
38Cat H Class H2Andrew Smith/ Georgina SmithFord Escort RS200052:54226+7:11+0:26
11D5Daniel Mennell/ Richard WiseFord Escort Mk253:271427+7:44+0:33
22D5Leigh Armstrong/ Ken BowmanFord Escort RS53:361528+7:53+0:09
47Cat 2 C1 & C2Matt Bown / Tom Murphy Hillman Avenger 53:42129+7:59+0:06
46D3Carl Stuttard/ Harry WalshawFord Escort Mk253:51330+8:08+0:09
26Cat H Class H2David Goose / Paul TurnerFord Escort RS180053:52331+8:09+0:01
32C4 & C5David Gathercole/ Jane EdgingtonEscort Mk156:18332+10:35+2:26
44G2Steve Korky Ward / Phil SandhamFORD Escort RS180057:06333+11:23+0:48
43Cat H Class H2Ian Hildreth/ Sarah WettonFord Escort MK258:07434+12:24+1:01
36Cat H Class H2Dave Lucking/ Amelia LuckingFord Escort MKII RS180058:44535+13:01+0:37
48D4Bill Douglas/ Dave TearlVolvo 244 GL1:05:01236+19:18+6:17

These results became Final on Sunday 11th February 2024 at 17:40 GMT and were signed by Alan Hill (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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