Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
61JMckenzie Snowden/ Jonathan Turnbull8:257:568:218:129:509:527:291:00:0522
62JCharlie Mathewson/ Ian Bass8:097:568:228:169:419:457:2459:3311
63JRiley Chester/ Victoria Swallow8:147:578:258:209:549:557:361:00:2144
64JJosh Slaughter/ Ben Wild8:137:588:258:219:599:537:311:00:2033
65JDaniel Taylor/ stuart gilks8:198:018:328:2010:079:537:381:00:5066
66JGeorge Fenner-Leitao/ Izzie Holman8:198:018:308:2210:019:547:311:00:3855
67JLago Edwards/ Caron Tomlinson8:258:13     Box
68JWilliam Thomson/ Alan Edwards8:278:128:4711:1110:1810:067:391:04:401111
69JLewis arnold/ Ellie arnold9:168:148:398:2710:0310:037:491:02:3177
70JThomas Marriott/ Rob Brook 8:458:278:518:4110:2510:217:591:03:2999
71JHenri Cynwyl/ Dylan Davies8:358:1413:0030:0030:0010:137:451:47:471414
72JKyle Green/ Osian Owen8:538:318:498:4210:1810:127:481:03:1388
73JJalila/ Cameron Davies9:078:479:199:0510:5110:488:221:06:191212
74JMattie Franklin/ Steven Cox9:008:36     Engine Failure
75JDaniel Biccard/ Alex Mill9:078:3510:018:5210:4810:478:101:06:201313
76JZak Furber/ Dylan Thomas9:178:378:598:4810:3310:227:591:04:351010

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.00 miles
Stage 2
6.00 miles
Stage 3
6.20 miles
Stage 4
6.20 miles
Stage 5
7.10 miles
Stage 6
7.10 miles
Stage 7
5.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 3rd March 2024 at 17:25 GMT and were signed by Steve Kenyon (Clerk of the Course)

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