Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
72HJack Birch/ Mike Jode7:417:348:428:328:408:358:58 Clutch
10FRichard Owen Morgans/ Robert Cargill6:506:307:417:237:407:3212:00 Vehicle issues
28CDavid Hill/ Stephen Turner7:076:527:557:567:537:538:13 Retired
8FMark Jasper/ Don Whyatt11:007:008:137:347:577:28  Retired
45BAnthony Cartwright/ Brian Cartwright 7:016:477:527:387:557:55  Retired
31CMark Young/ Jo Young6:496:317:447:477:387:33  Disqualified - Contravention of R25.6
24GWill Onions/ Dave Williams6:506:407:467:327:397:33  Gearbox
53CMark Thompson/ Hannah Thompson6:586:437:567:457:52   Retired
6DJames Garner/ Jordan Joines6:236:227:237:177:17   Alternator
11EBilly Grew/ Tom Bishop 6:336:427:4612:00    Retired
57AJames Larminie/ Rich Jones7:237:078:328:19    Rotor arm
66HJacob Neal/ Russell Thompson7:177:048:19     Radiator
46HTom Hynd/ Dave Mathewson 7:317:29      Clutch slipping
23CNeil Jones/ Alan Thomas7:136:51      Engine failure
5DMalcolm 'Tar' Jones/ Rhys Jones6:066:01      Gearbox
86CJamie McBain/ Callum Young9:26       Steering rack
36DGordon Winning/ Erica Winning7:13       Clutch slave cylinder
4FThomas Cooper/ Mathias Fowden6:10       Mechanical failure
81BLuke Whiting/ Andrew Side         Non Starter
87FJohn Stone/ Alex Stone        Non Starter
17DBertie Morton/ Mark Walker        Engine failure
29CJack Ives/ Louis Baines        Brake failure

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.50 miles
Stage 2
5.50 miles
Stage 3
6.00 miles
Stage 4
6.00 miles
Stage 5
6.50 miles
Stage 6
6.50 miles
Stage 7
6.00 miles
Stage 8
6.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 14th April 2024 at 17:30 BST and were signed by Rob Yates (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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