Car Cls CrewTotal
101112131415 Penalty Total Cls
77BKyle Casement/ Liam McCann55:20.514:00.035:00.035:00.07:16.414:24.8 Retired
128EArwel Parry/ Iestyn williams1:05:31.17:45.314:59.014:07.77:40.916:33.4 Gearbox
41H5Will Onions/ Dave Williams53:53.86:48.412:56.912:21.26:46.412:49.1 Fuel pump
21DBrad Cole/ Dan Petrie51:38.76:42.812:12.111:40.06:31.912:03.9 Retired
100Cphilip jones/ Dale Gibbons1:03:28.97:45.314:20.113:46.77:30.2  Engine Failure
114BKealan Beattie / Amelia Leach 1:28:56.97:45.314:32.114:44.3   5:00.0Mechanical
Car 114 Penalty details:- 5:00 for 5:00 early at ATC 12
106CNikki Addison/ Iain Thorburn1:05:53.17:45.314:04.313:57.8   Broken Shaft
120CGeoff Glover/ Keith Barker1:02:29.87:45.314:37.214:34.3   Retired
109BAntony Elkes/ Alexander Lewis56:43.67:18.313:35.614:58.5   Driveshaft
30Elee hastings/ cole hastings55:21.27:03.913:22.613:08.5   Damage
141H1Ian Clare/ Lucy wilding 2:29:22.57:45.316:09.3    Retired
134CGreg Pye/ Ken Cottee 1:03:44.57:45.315:10.2    Suspension Failure
89DIan Holt/ Phil Boyle59:46.57:45.314:30.4    Misfire
71Etom jones/ Andy conibear58:12.87:14.713:53.2    Broken driveshaft
42DOliver Davies/ Jack Bowen53:56.16:45.412:56.8    Fuel pump
29DMathew Dance / JASON DAVIES52:01.86:23.812:30.5    Diff
31H5Gareth James / Steffan Evans 51:43.56:35.712:22.5    Retired
1FCallum Black/ Jack Morton48:39.46:02.911:21.7    Oil cooler pipe
34EAndrew Dudgeon / Shannon Bridson 1:07:47.96:48.4     Retired
78BMax Murray/ Matty Owen59:10.97:12.0     Accident
67CMark Lennox/ Robbie Pugh56:31.47:25.1     Gearbox
54CAntony Allery/ Richard Bonner55:12.26:58.2     Prop shaft failure
63CBen Crump/ Ian Beamond54:33.87:04.4     Clutch
18FGary Leece/ Bonnie papper53:34.06:47.9     Mechanical
137H2DANIEL MUNDELL/ STEPHEN SPEAR53:11.06:40.3     Drive shaft
138BJack Birch/ Mike Jode1:06:13.57:45.3     Gearbox
87ENathan Bolton/ Phil Kenny1:02:30.5      Gearbox
99BDarren Pool/ Christopher Beer59:28.9      Lack of lubrication
125CSean Scanlon/ Paul McGlinchey58:08.2      Going off
50CPhilip Hamilton/ Joe Comerford57:47.0      Retired
69H3Declan jackson/ J Barry McCarney57:26.0      Electrical
64FJohn Forrest/ Paul Gribben56:23.4      Accident
60FDarrell Taylor/ Dylan Thomas28:55.4      Damaged radiator
8FJohn Stone/ Laura Marshall27:47.3      Codriver ill
92DMichael Savino/ Liam Ruddock23:26.27:45.3     mechanical
44CNeil Morgan/ Shaun Hughes27:58.9      Too many issues
95H5Stuart Anderson/ Adam Houston24:56.2      Accident
79CMal Boyd/ Colin Blunt15:20.1      Mechanical
32BRory McCann/ Paul McCann14:00.4      ECU failure
17DWayne Jones/ Dafydd Evans13:14.5      Engine
108CBen Hardy/ Daniel Long9:19.1      Axle
101H5derek belbin/ Mark Mason 9:12.9      Head Gasket
9EMarty toner / Ben teggart 6:36.4      Retired
140BHarry ackers/ Oliver Cookson      Non-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 10
The Switchback 1
7.01 miles
Stage 11
St Judes 1
13.54 miles
Stage 12
The Baldwins 1
12.62 miles
Stage 13
The Switchback 2
7.01 miles
Stage 14
St Judes 2
13.54 miles
Stage 15
The Baldwins 2
12.62 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 11th May 2024 at 17:05 BST and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course)

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