Car Cls Crew123456789101112 Penalty Total Cls
3ERobert Hughes/ Sion Cunniff5:195:164:404:376:216:56     Retired
4DWashington James/ Gwynfor Jones            Non Starter
8DBrandon Smith/ R Caian Williams5:545:455:075:016:517:367:33    Split Water Hose
9DMike Taylor/ Louise Gilks5:505:435:065:006:537:327:337:59   Misfire
12DCraig Kampschulte / Kevin Lewis5:465:395:014:586:437:267:237:497:507:458:09Retired
14CChristopher David Berry/ Lewis Griffiths5:445:435:034:586:527:367:3215:00   Retired
15ETom Evans/ Jack Morris            Non-Starter
16AMydrian Harries/ Geraint Evans6:056:075:195:2015:007:597:548:19   Retired
18AGareth Roberts / Sarah Hughes 6:236:035:215:267:198:168:139:08   Retired
21BDaniel Poole/ Ella Tyson 5:585:525:085:046:5715:00     Retired
22BKevin Davies/ Sion Rowlands5:585:535:205:167:047:527:488:17   Gearbox
24DHugh Geraint Jones/ Wil Owen6:176:195:215:167:188:268:21    2:00Retired
Car 24 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at SAC 4
29AJack Edwards/ Lucie Gutteridge6:086:085:265:197:087:518:128:228:34  Retired
30DPhilip Ralphs / Ieaun Aled Lloyd Jones6:25           Retired
33BGary Ollerenshaw/ Rhys Williams6:045:565:155:097:077:527:478:20   Retired
35DJohn Barry Williams/ Tomos Wyn Shakespeare 6:326:175:325:227:188:088:15    0:10Retired
Car 35 Penalty details:- 0:10 for 1:00 late at SAC 5 / MC 3
36DJake Smith/ Dave Tortoishell5:465:404:584:556:457:307:25    Blown Engine
37CMark Young/ Jo Young6:025:535:135:117:097:467:468:09   Driveshaft
38CMatthew Edwards / Tommy Edwards6:066:065:205:147:118:03     Retired
40CArwel Jones/ Hywel Garmon Hughes6:366:215:365:38        0:20Retired
Car 40 Penalty details:- 0:20 for 2:00 late at SAC 5 / MC 3
43AGeraint Williams/ Liam Jones6:106:065:235:217:2411:3915:009:18   Retired
48CKevin Gilgrist/ Ben Forrester6:136:075:255:227:158:038:038:29   Strut Top
56AJosh Jones / Sophie Law 7:006:33          Disqualified - SR.27(t)
59ACraig Pirie/ Kristopher Pirie7:13           Alternator
65BPeter Sharples/ James Sharples6:496:485:505:567:1815:0015:0015:0015:00  Retired
69EGavin Edwards/ Caron Tomlinson5:245:224:454:426:31       Work Callout
70CJosh Jones/ Jack Morris5:535:495:085:03        Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.90 miles
Stage 2
5.90 miles
Stage 3
4.80 miles
Stage 4
4.80 miles
Stage 5
5.80 miles
Stage 7
6.80 miles
Stage 8
6.80 miles
Stage 9
6.60 miles
Stage 10
6.60 miles
Stage 11
6.30 miles
Stage 12
6.30 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 2nd June 2024 at 17:00 BST and were signed by James Robertson (Clerk of the Course)

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