The Summer Junior Stages Rally Seeded Entry List

Summer Junior Stages 2015
1Finlay RetsonColtness CCB&S Ecosse J1000Andrew FalconerHighland CCB&S Ecosse J1000CitroenC1998J1
2Peter BennettNorth AramghB&S Ecosse J1000Arthur KieransMonaghan MCB&S Ecosse J1000CitroenC1999J1
3Craig MacIvorSolwayB&S Ecosse J1000TBA TBA NissanMicra998J1
4Harry ChalmersADMCB&S Ecosse J1000Lisa WatsonMullNissanMicra1000J1
5Brodie BalfourGMSCIan NicollGMSCToyotaAygo1000J1
6Cameron RussellEACCB&S Ecosse J1000Ian McRaessccB&S Ecosse J1000NissanMicra1000J1
7Dale KellyEACCB&S Ecosse J1000Graeme SherryEACCNissanMicra998J1
9Ewan TindallWhickham & DMCB&S Ecosse J1000Paul HudsonWhickham & DMCB&S Ecosse J1000CitroenC1998J1


B&S ECOSSE J1000 = Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge    

J1 = Class J1000 up to 1000cc    

These entries are in seeded order.

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