EACC Sprint Saturday 7th April 2018 Unseeded Entry List

1Mike MurchieEACCFordFiesta Mk11988C0
2Ian ArchibaldSMX5HSRMazdaMX51840A9
3Wallace MenziesEACCGouldGR593300C6
4James ColtartEACC Mazda MX51800A9
5Donald ColtartEACC Mazda MX51800A9
6Bill Lambie (jnr)Caithness Car ClubWestfieldMegabusa1398B4
8Stuart SugdenGACADR/GWRSport 21399C1
9Billy Lambie (snr)EACCWestfieldMegabusa1398B4
10Dave UrenGouldGR55B3500C6
11Michael AndrewCaithness Car ClubReynardFormula Vauxhall Lotus1993C6
12Leslie-Ann ScoularEACCMazdaMX51800A9
13Cameron SkeaEACCSubaruImpreza1998B3
14Alan SkeaEACCSubaruImpreza Wrx Sti RA1998B3
15Nicola MenziesEACCGould GR55B3500C6
16Henry SimmonsEACC MSCC MazdaMX51840A9
17Jim HowarthEACCMiniCooper S1597A3
18Keith RoseGACMazdaMX51840A9
19Angus DowEACCFordFiesta Mk21598A2
20Allan HarropEACCMazdaMX51800A9
21Mark ScoularEACCToyota MR2 Mk31794A8
22Melvyn HartleyEACCWestfieldMegabusa1299B4
23Jonathan NealeMonklands Sporting Car ClubNemesis-1000C4


A1 = Saloon cars up to 1400cc    
A2 = Saloon cars over 1400cc and up to 2000cc    
A3 = Saloon cars over 2000cc    
A4 = Sports cars up to 1400cc    
A5 = Sports cars over 1400cc and up to 1700cc    
A6 = Sports cars over 1700cc    
A8 = Marque road sports cars    
A9 = Scottish MX5 hillclimb and sprint register cars    
B1 = Modified saloon cars up to 1400cc    
B2 = Modified saloon cars over 1400cc and up to 2000cc    
B3 = Modified saloon cars over 2000cc    
B4 = Modified sports cars up to 1400cc    
B5 = Modified sports cars over 1400cc and up to 1700cc    
B6 = Modified sports cars over 1700cc    
C0 = Saloon libre    
C1 = Sports libre cars up to 1400cc    
C2 = Sports libre cars over 1400cc and up to 1800cc    
C3 = Sports libre cars over 1800cc    
C4 = Racing cars up to 1100cc    
C5 = Racing cars over 1100cc and up to 1600cc    
C6 = Racing cars over 1600cc    
D1 = Classic & thoroughbred road cars    
D2 = Classic & thoroughbred modified cars    
D3 = Classic & thoroughbred competition cars    

These entries are in order of receipt - they are not seeded.

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